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MagSafe Battery Pack

MagSafe battery packs provide a portable and seamless way to extend your device's battery life, offering the convenience of magnetic attachment, efficient wireless charging, and the flexibility to power up your device on the go, making them an essential accessory for maintaining productivity and connectivity wherever you are.

More About MagSafe Battery Pack

Experience an efficient and convenient charging experience with Anker MagSafe battery packs. Crafted with sleekness in mind, these Apple Magsafe batteries are a mere 0.5 inch thin, ensuring effortless one-handed use for calls, selfies, and more while charging.

What's truly remarkable is the Mini Cell technology of our MagSafe portable chargers, which reduces the overall size without compromising power, guaranteeing efficiency without added bulk. Moreover, the built-in foldable kickstand adds versatility, propping up your iPhone for comfortable viewing angles. Don't worry about the alignment. With a powerful magnet, these MagSafe power banks snap into place securely for impeccable alignment and charging efficiency. Meanwhile, sporting a robust 5000mAh capacity, you're equipped with substantial power to keep you going. Additionally, safety is worry-free for these iPhone MagSafe battery packs, backed by Anker's MultiProtect technology.

Overall, our Apple MagSafe battery packs offer more than power - they encapsulate innovation and practicality for a charging solution that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle.

FAQs about MagSafe Battery Pack

What is a MagSafe battery pack?

A MagSafe battery pack is a portable charging accessory designed to provide power to compatible Apple devices using MagSafe technology. Like Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo), you can attach it magnetically to the back of the device to offer additional battery capacity to extend usage time. They provide a seamless and efficient way to charge your device while on the go, enhancing convenience and usability.

Is a MagSafe powerbank worth it?

Yes, a MagSafe power bank can be worth it if you're using compatible Apple devices. It offers seamless magnetic attachment, efficient charging, and additional battery capacity, enhancing convenience while on the go. So if you prioritize compatibility, ease of use, and the convenience of MagSafe technology, investing in a MagSafe powerbank could be a valuable addition.

Does MagSafe Battery Pack charge faster?

Not necessarily. While a MagSafe battery pack can offer fast or efficient wireless charging compared to some standard wired chargers. However, wired charging methods, especially some of Anker's 45w USB C chargers or other GaN chargers can offer much higher power levels that can provide faster charging speeds for certain devices.

Can I use the MagSafe Battery Pack with a case on my iPhone?

Yes, you can use the MagSafe Battery Pack with a case on your iPhone, but it's recommended to use a compatible MagSafe-compatible magnetic case to ensure a secure connection between the battery pack and your device. MagSafe technology relies on magnets for attachment and alignment, so using a non-magnetic case might result in weaker magnetic attachment and could affect charging efficiency.

Which iPhone models are compatible with the MagSafe Battery Pack?

This depends on your model. Generally, the MagSafe battery pack should be perfectly compatible with iPhone 14/13/12 series. These models feature MagSafe technology and have magnets to enable the magnetic attachment required for the battery pack's functionality. While for other series like iPhone 11, these MagSafe battery packs can work like a Qi wireless charger to charge your devices.

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