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A Curated List of Cool Office Gadgets (Best for 2024)

A Curated List of Cool Office Gadgets (Best for 2024)

Cool office gadgets are some innovative, stylish, and technologically advanced tools or accessories. These useful office gadgets can enhance the comfort and aesthetics of the working environment while helping to increase productivity and organization in the office environment. This guide will introduce some cool office desk gadgets to you and explain how these office gadgets help to increase your productivity. Read on to find the perfect combination for your unique needs and preferences!


Practical Anker Gadgets to Upgrade Your Office Desk

To create a well-organized and efficient workspace, Anker is here to help you. It is a well-known electronics company responsible for a range of must have office supplies that can turn your desk into a modern and efficient hub. Here are some of the best Anker products to upgrade your workspace and increase your overall productivity.

Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe

The Anker 3-in-1 cube with MagSafe is a modern and stylish charging solution designed to balance your Apple devices, simultaneously powering your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. With a simple and compact appearance, the cube is super suitable for office gadgets and can improve the environment of the desk and the charging experience. The following are its benefits -
  • The best feature of this charger is MagSafe compatibility. Attach & charge your iPhone 12 or later without the need for any cables, and choose the perfect location for seamless magnetic alignment for 15W high-speed charging.
  • What's more, the exquisite charging base design allows it to be compactly folded and easily put in one’s pocket, making it extra-ready for your business trips and travels.
  • In addition, the charging cube also has a 60° adjustable viewing angle, which can be easily switched between landscape and portrait orientation, making it convenient for you to consult information and watch videos on your charging smartphone.

Anker 727 Charging Station

The Anker727 charging station is an elegantly designed charging hub, the smartest multi-device fast charging system. The device is powerful and greatly simplifies individual charging needs. Perfect for office environments and homes with multiple gadgets. Here is how it improves working efficiency -
  • The charging station has a 6-port power strip, which are 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports and 2 AC power outlets. This comprehensive selection of charging options makes the Anker 727 compatible with a wide variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, headphones, power banks, and more, for a clean and hassle-free charging experience.
  • 100W high-speed boost can charge almost any device, including mobile phones and tablets. It is officially tested that a MacBook Pro 16" can charge to 50% in 43 minutes.
  • Its smart charging safety system also detects device power and optimizes charging output, ensuring your device is charged quickly, efficiently and safely without the risk of overcharging or overheating.

Anker 777 Thunderbolt Docking Station

The Anker 777 thunderbolt docking station is a powerful and excellent hub that expands the capabilities of your computer by providing a range of ports and connections. Its ultra-fast data transfer speeds, small footprint and low-profile appearance allow it to easily apply to any office setting and make it a must have office gadget. Let’s take a look at how it helps boom productivity.
  • Anker 777 is equipped with a Thunderbolt connection, which enables ultra-fast data transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps. This makes it ideal for professionals who work with large files, such as video editors, graphic designers, and photographers.
  • Anker 777 also has more additional port options, equipped with a Thunderbolt 4 upstream port, a Thunderbolt 4 downstream port, a USB-C power port, 2 HDMI ports, an Ethernet port, an SD card slot, a 3.5 mm AUX port and 4 USB-A ports.
  • It improves your display options. Support for dual 4K displays at 60Hz or a single 8K display at 30Hz enables you to create a visually stunning and immersive workstation. This is especially beneficial for those in the creative industries who require high-resolution displays to work.

Anker 321 USB-A to Lightning Cable (3ft 3-in-1)

The Anker 321 USB-A to lightning cable (3ft 3-in-1) is a premium quality lightning cable with a double-braided nylon exterior and reinforced connectors. This construction ensures that the cable is not only resistant to wear and tear, but also less prone to tangles than standard cables. Combined with its durability and fast charging capabilities, it is highly recommended as a useful office must have. Its benefits are as follows -
  • First of all, Anker 321 has Apple MFi certification and undergoes strict quality testing, which can guarantee full compatibility with all Apple devices that support lightning, and safely charge at the fastest speed.
  • What's more, the Anker 321 uses PowerLine II representative ballistic fiber reinforcements, and the cable's high-quality internal components ensure fast and stable data transfer rates while also providing durability.
  • Plus, its built-in Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning connectors are interchangeable to maximize the power of any of your devices.


With all of the cool office gadgets mentioned in this post, it’s clear just how much technology can improve our working lives. By carefully selecting gadgets that match your work style and requirements, you can create an environment that is your own and inspiring. So don't hesitate to upgrade your office with some of these amazing gadgets right away! You may find yourself being more productive and creative than ever before.

FAQ about Cool Office Gadgets

What are the Modern Office Gadgets?

Modern office gadgets encompass a wide range of innovative devices and tools designed to improve productivity, organization, and comfort in the workspace. Here is a list of some popular modern office gadgets:
  • Wireless charger
  • USB-C hub or docking station
  • Smart charging station
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Universal travel adapter
  • Wireless charging desk pad
  • Digital notebook
  • Adjustable standing desk, etc.

What Do Office Supplies Include?

Office supplies encompass a wide range of items. Some common office supplies include:
  • Writing instruments: pens, pencils, markers, erasers, and pencil sharpeners.
  • Paper products: printer paper, notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, index cards, and folders.
  • Office equipment: staplers, staples, hole punchers, scissors, and tape dispensers with tape.
  • Technology accessories: computer peripherals, keyboards, power strips, and charging stations.

How can I Upgrade My Desk at Work?

Upgrading your desk at work can enhance your comfort, productivity, and overall satisfaction. Here are some methods to help you upgrade your workspace:

  1. By investing in the right gadgets and accessories such as a wireless phone charger and a USB hub, you can transform your work environment into an efficient and inspiring hub of activity.

  2. Getting an ergonomic chair to reduce back strain and improve your posture, allowing you to focus your attention on your work with ease.

  3. Improving your lighting can make a big difference to your mental and optic health, helping you to feel more alert and focused throughout the day.

  4. Investing in a faster laptop or convenient computing accessories can also be a game-changer, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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