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Power on the Go: How to Choose the Best Solar Panels for Camping

Power on the Go: How to Choose the Best Solar Panels for Camping

Whether you’re planning a road trip or going to a local car-camping escapade, you will need the best solar panels for camping to power all your essential devices. From your camping devices to electronics, solar panels will certainly have your back.

Solar panels are devices designed to convert sunlight into electricity. They can be used for diverse applications, such as powering devices in remote areas or camps. Additionally, they use clean and renewable energy from the sun, making them an eco-friendly choice for camping. They are also cost-effective, quiet, and maintenance-free.

Nowadays, solar panels have become extremely popular, with a wide range of solar panel options flooding hardware stores and online marketplaces. With so many options, deciding which one to purchase can be challenging. Hence, we wrote this buying guide to help you out. We also share with you two of the best solar panels for camping in the market today that can provide you with ample power for all your outdoor adventures.

How to Choose a Solar Panel for Camping

Shopping for solar panels can be intimidating, especially when it’s your first time buying such a device. But worry no more because we got you. In this section, we will guide you on how to  choose a solar panel for camping, so you can avoid any purchase mistakes.

Consider the Power/Capacity

Solar panels come in different power ratings and capacities, just like any of your devices. Hence, it is essential to assess the power of the solar panel first to make sure that it can meet your energy needs. For example, a 100-watt solar panel may be able to fully charge a smartphone in a few hours, while a 20-watt panel may take all day. A higher wattage panel will be able to charge more things faster, but keep in mind that higher wattage panels are often bulkier and heavier. 

Give Thought to the Portability Aspect

Taking the portability of a solar panel into account is crucial as it allows for effortless transport, on-the-go charging, and quick setup. With a portable solar panel, you can have access to renewable energy wherever your adventures take you.

Take Note of the Efficiency

The efficiency of a solar panel is measured by how much sunlight it can convert into electricity. Choose a solar panel with a high efficiency rating so that you can generate as much power as possible from the sunlight available. Look for panels with an efficiency rating of at least 15%, some high-end options can offer up to 23% efficiency.

Examine Its Material

The materials used in making solar panels directly affect their durability, efficiency, and overall performance. By considering the material, you can select a solar panel that suits your specific needs and can withstand the outdoor conditions it will be exposed to, ensuring long-term use.

There are two commonly used materials for solar panels, namely monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon. Solar panels made of monocrystalline tend to be more durable. They are also known for their high efficiency and performance. However, on the downside, they can be relatively expensive. Meanwhile, polycrystalline silicon solar panels are typically more affordable. However, they do not offer the same efficiency and durability as those made with monocrystalline.

Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping

Solar panels can offer significant benefits, especially when you are camping in remote areas. However, not all solar panels offer the same performance and reliability. Therefore, it is important to do thorough research and carefully consider your options before spending money.

If you haven’t had enough luck in searching for the best solar panels for camping, these recommendations might just be exactly what you need to end your search. Below we introduce to you two of the most innovative solar panels today.

1. Anker 625 Solar Panel

Charge your devices even on cloudy days using the Anker 625 Solar Panel. Our revolutionary solar panel device features a high conversion efficiency that converts up to 23% of sunlight into solar energy, even on days when the sun is hiding. It also has our proprietary Suncast technology that adjusts the solar panel to effectively capture direct sunlight.

The Anker 625 Solar Panel is lightweight and has a scratch and weather-resistant build for long-term use. It is also compatible with our PowerHouse 521, 535, and 757, providing a seamless charging experience. It has built-in USB-C and USB-A ports as well, so you can charge two devices at the same time.

2. Anker 531 Solar Panel

Are you ready to take your outdoor adventures to the next level? Look no further than our Anker 531 Solar Panel. This solar panel device is the perfect companion for those seeking reliable and portable solar power for camping.

Designed for outdoor use, the Anker 531 Solar Panel has IP67 waterproof protection and a compact body for easy storage and portability. It also boasts of its monocrystalline solar cells and a robust sunlight-trapping surface that provides a conversion efficiency rate of up to 23%. Furthermore, it has a 3-mode angle adjustment that allows you to adjust its angle for optimal solar power charging.


Solar panels do not come at a cheap price. Hence, it is crucial to take your time in deciding which solar panel to invest in. If you are not fully confident in your chosen solar panel device, we suggest asking for advice from your friends or loved ones who are familiar with solar panels. Reading reviews about the product may also help you make the best purchase decision.


Why Is It Important to Take a Solar Panel for Camping?

There are many reasons why taking a solar panel for camping is important. First of all, a solar panel provides reliable off-grid power to power your essential camping devices. Secondly, it is a cost-effective way to obtain power when traveling or camping far from your home. Third but not least, taking solar panels for camping instead of conventional alternative power sources like gas-powered generators is more eco-friendly,

What Size Solar Panel Is Suitable for Camping?

The honest answer is that it depends on how much power your camping devices need to function or charge. Essentially, the size of the solar panel you choose should match your device’s power requirements.

If you want to charge devices such as laptops or run small appliances like LED lights and portable fans, a solar panel with 50 to 100 watts can be enough. However, if you have larger appliances such as refrigerators or portable power stations, a solar panel with a power rating of 100 watts or more is recommended.

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