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Cowboy Camping Guide: Here’s How to Get Started in Your New Hobby

Cowboy Camping Guide: Here’s How to Get Started in Your New Hobby

Are you ready to explore the great outdoors, sleep under the vast starry sky, and experience the freedom of living like a true cowboy? If your answer is yes, then you’ll surely enjoy going on a cowboy camping adventure!

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or someone seeking a thrilling outdoor experience, cowboy camping can offer a unique and captivating way to connect with nature.

If you want to learn more about cowboy camping, this post is exactly what you need. In this post, we will explore all the details you need to know about cowboy camping and answer some of your FAQs.

What Is Cowboy Camping?

Cowboy camping is a minimalist camping practice where campers sleep outdoors without any shelter or tents. Instead of a tent, campers use a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and a ground sheet as a layer of protection and insulation between them and the ground. However, despite being a tent-free camping practice, campers are still encouraged to bring a tent in case of unexpected changes in weather conditions.

Pros and Cons of Cowboy Camping

Cowboy camping may sound fun and enticing; however, like any other activity, it also has its pros and cons. If you are planning to embark on your first cowboy camping journey, make sure to read this list of pros and cons first.


  1. Allows you to reconnect with nature
  2. Simple, easy, and fast campsite setup
  3. Enhances your survival skills
  4. Improves problem-solving skills and boosts confidence
  5. Trains you to be more adaptable to challenges
  6. Cost-effective
  7. Lighter backpack load
  8. Gives a sense of freedom


  1. Makes you vulnerable to wildlife as you sleep on the ground
  2. Limited privacy
  3. Less comfortablewhile sleeping 
  4. Not practical in regions with frequent rains

Necessary Gear for Cowboy Camping

While cowboy camping is known to be a camping practice in its simplest form, there are a couple of things that campers need to bring to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Below we share with you the top five necessary gear for cowboy camping.

Sleeping Gear

Since you are not going to use a tent most of the time, it’s crucial to have appropriate sleeping gear. The sleeping gear you should bring is a sleeping pad, a sleeping bag, blankets, and a ground sheet. Additionally, you should bring a lightweight tent or a tarp in case unexpected weather changes occur.

Alternative Power Source

Although cowboy camping typically involves embracing a minimalist approach and sleeping under the open sky, there may be situations where having an alternative power source can be beneficial, especially during emergencies.

When choosing an alternative power source for cowboy camping, make sure to select an easy-to-carry and powerful device that can supply your energy needs. An excellent example of this is the Anker 757 Powerhouse.

It is a portable power station perfect for camping. This device is built with our long-lasting technology and an impact-resistant structural design perfect for the outdoors. It also has an ultra-powerful capacity of 1229Wh and 1500 wattage for all your lights, electronics, and more. Furthermore, it has built-in 13 ports for all your charging needs. The Anker 757 Powerhouse boasts of its fast recharge technology that allows it to recharge 80% of power in just 1 hour. It also has a 10-year lifespan, so you can take it to more of your future adventures!

Personal Safety Items

Just like in regular camping, you should also prioritize your safety when you are cowboy camping. Don’t forget to carry essential safety items like the ones listed below.

  1. First aid kit (bandages, antiseptic wipes, necessary medicine)
  2. Whistle
  3. Pocket Knife
  4. Headlamp or flashlight
  5. Insect repellent or a bug net

Active Wear and Shoes

Appropriate activewear and shoes are essential for comfort and mobility during cowboy camping. Activewear and shoes can also protect you from bugs, stones, and other outdoor elements that may cause injuries.

Cooking Gear

If you plan to go cowboy camping for a few days, then you must bring cooking gear with you. Cooking gear for camping includes a portable stove, pots, and utensils. These tools can help you prepare your meals more efficiently.

How to Get Started With Cowboy Camping

Cowboy camping is no doubt one of the most adventurous and immersive ways to experience the outdoors. However, before you set off on your journey, it’s crucial to follow a few essential steps. Below we discuss these steps in greater detail.

Step 1: Select the Right Gear

By carefully selecting and organizing your camping gear, such as a sleeping bag, cooking utensils, and appropriate clothing, you can better withstand the outdoors. Additionally, having the necessary camping gear helps maximize your enjoyment during your adventure.

Step 2: Pick a Camping Site and Date

Knowing the specific cowboy camping location and date lets you check on the weather conditions beforehand, so you can prepare for any potential weather changes. It also provides an opportunity to research available water and food sources as well as the local wildlife and any potentially harmful species.

Step 3. Check the Weather

Weather is an important factor in cowboy camping due to its direct impact on comfort, safety, and overall enjoyment of the outdoor experience. Hence, before you start on your cowboy camping adventure, it is essential to check the weather forecast for the camping location and surrounding areas. This allows you to plan accordingly and anticipate any potential weather-related issues.

Step 4: Have a Backup Plan

Having a backup plan ready before cowboy camping allows you to deal with unexpected circumstances. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable camping experience not just for you but also for your fellow campers.


Going on a cowboy camping trip is undeniably an exhilarating experience worth trying at least once in a lifetime. But before going, make sure that you are not just physically ready but also mentally and emotionally prepared. Keep in mind that cowboy camping can be more challenging than traditional camping because of the limited camping equipment. Additionally, it requires you to become more self-reliant and resourceful. Despite this, cowboy camping remains to be a must-try activity for anyone who craves adventure and a deeper connection with nature.


Is Cowboy Camping Safe?

Cowboy camping is generally safe with proper preparations and gear. First-time campers are always encouraged to take extra caution and conduct thorough research before cowboy camping.

Where Can You Go Cowboy Camping?

Typically, campers cowboy camp in deserts or dry forests because of their starry night skies and favorable weather conditions. Mountains, coastal areas, and backcountry areas are great locations for cowboy camps as well.

Is It Necessary to Take a Portable Solar Power Station to Cowboy Camping?

Bringing a portable solar power station to cowboy camping is not necessary but can be a convenient option for charging electronic devices and powering small camping devices.

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