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New iPhone Charger Port: Everything You Need to Know

New iPhone Charger Port: Everything You Need to Know

Apple is finally replacing the lightning port which has been around for 11 generations of its iPhone. The new iPhone 15 is getting a new USB-C charging port on the bottom of the unit. This switch in charger port has brought the newest iPhone into the fold of many mobile devices that use USB-C to charge. 

This change allows the iPhone to be charged using chargers from third-party manufacturers using the USB-C platform. Read to learn more about the new iPhone charger port and how it's changing the iPhone experience.

What Is the New iPhone Charger Port?

The newest iPhone charger port marks a significant shift in how users will power their devices. Previously, the iPhone featured the proprietary Lightning connector introduced in 2012. The latest models now sport a USB-C port. This change aligns with broader industry standards and offers enhanced charging and data transfer speeds. Users will notice the port's oval shape and reversible design, which allows for easier cable insertion.

Benefits of USB-C Port in iPhones

Switching to a USB-C port for iPhones brings several advantages. Here's what users can expect:

  • Universal compatibility

One of the standout features of USB-C is its compatibility with a wide range of devices. Many modern electronics use USB-C, Whether laptops, tablets, or power banks. This reduces the need for multiple cables and adapters, simplifying your tech setup. You can often use the same charger for your iPhone, Android tablet, or even your laptop.

  • Increased durability

The USB-C connector is designed to be more durable than its predecessors. It has a symmetrical, reversible design, so there's no wrong way to plug it in. This design lessens the wear and tear on both the cable and the charging port, as it eliminates the risk of damage from attempting to insert the connector incorrectly.

  • Higher power delivery

USB-C supports higher power delivery compared to the older Lightning connector. This means that USB-C can charge your iPhone much faster. This is particularly useful for those who need a quick charge on the go and do not have time to wait for a slow charge.

  • Better data transfer speed

USB-C offers improved data transfer speeds when moving files between devices. This is beneficial for tasks such as backing up photos or transferring large video files to your computer. The faster data transfer saves time and enhances the overall user experience, making file management more efficient.

Is USB-C Faster Than Lightning?

USB-C significantly outperforms the older Lightning connector, particularly regarding data transfer and charging speeds. Utilizing USB 3.1 standards, USB-C achieves data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps, vastly exceeding Lightning's maximum of 480 Mbps. This increased bandwidth allows quicker transfer of large files, such as high-resolution photos and videos, enhancing user productivity and efficiency.

USB-C supports up to 100 watts with USB Power Delivery (USB-PD), compared to Lightning's 12 watts. This capability enables much faster battery recharging—potentially powering an iPhone to 50% in nearly half the time Lightning requires.

Additionally, the reversible design of USB-C not only simplifies connectivity but also reduces wear on devices, further cementing USB-C's advantage as the more efficient and versatile choice for modern electronics, including the latest iPhones.

Best USB-C Cables for the New iPhone

Apple does not provide a USB-C charger for the new iPhone charger port. While this presents an extra step to buying a charger, it's also an excellent opportunity to get your preferred charger and cables. Below are some of the top-rated cables that you can use for the USB-C type charger for iPhone:

1. Anker 765 USB-C to USB-C Cable

The Anker 765 USB-C to USB-C Cable is celebrated for its robust construction and high-speed charging capabilities, supporting a maximum output of 240W and USB Power Delivery 3.1 technology. This makes it an excellent choice for various devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The cable's flexibility and nylon finish contribute to its durability, allowing it to endure up to 35,000 bends, making it highly resistant to wear and tear from daily use.

Furthermore, its compatibility with a vast range of USB-C devices—from laptops to earbuds—adds to its versatility. Users appreciate the "soft" feel provided by the nylon coating, which prevents the cable from retaining shape (cable memory), ensuring it remains straight when dangled. It is backed by a 24-month warranty and responsive customer service, making it a reliable investment for charging needs.

2. Anker 643 USB-C to USB-C Cable

The Anker 643 USB-C to USB-C Cable is renowned for its robust build and superior durability, guaranteed by a 25,000-bend lifespan, making it highly resistant to wear and tear from daily use. The cable's unique silicone finish offers a remarkably soft touch and ensures it remains tangle-free, even when packed away or handled frequently. This flexibility makes it an ideal companion for those who need reliable charging on the go without the hassle of knots or bends.

Additionally, this cable supports fast charging with a maximum power output of 100W, suitable for powering a wide range of USB-C devices—from smartphones to laptops—when used with an appropriate charger. The Anker 643 is also praised for its pleasant tactile feel and comes in various stylish colors, enhancing its functional and aesthetic appeal. Combined with the 18-month warranty and customer support, these features position the Anker 643 as a top choice for users seeking a high-quality charging solution.

3. Anker 543 USB-C to USB-C Cable

The Anker 543 USB-C to USB-C Cable, recognized for its durability and high-speed charging capabilities, is an ideal choice for tech enthusiasts needing a reliable power connection. It supports up to 240W power delivery, enabling fast charging devices like the iPhone 15.

This cable is designed for extensive usability, proven to withstand over 20,000 bends, making it resistant to fraying and kinking. It meets USB-IF safety standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of USB-C devices from smartphones to laptops​. Its powerful charging capability makes the Anker 543 a top recommendation for users looking for a versatile and durable USB-C cable.


All in all, the shift from the Lightning connector to a USB-C charging port in the iPhone 15 marks a significant advancement in Apple's mobile technology. The new iPhone charger port is a welcome change, especially since you won't have to use the Lightning charger platform only used in a few gadgets. By switching to USB-C and complying with the charging standard, users can finally have more choices on which charger they will use, whether cable or magnetic wireless type.


Why is the new iPhone changing to USB-C?

Apple has decided to switch to USB-C for several reasons. The primary motivation lies in the need for uniformity and compliance with global electronic standards. Many gadgets, including Android smartphones and modern laptops, already use USB-C, making it a universal standard. This switch simplifies the tech ecosystem and boosts the iPhone's charging and data transfer capabilities. Moreover, regulatory pressure from entities like the European Union has influenced this transition to ensure compatibility across all mobile devices.

Can I charge the iPhone 15 with a USB to a USB-C cable?

You can charge the iPhone 15 using a USB to USB-C cable. However, the charging process's efficiency depends on the USB port's power output and the cable's quality. Standard USB ports on older computers or chargers offer lower power outputs than newer USB-C chargers. A charger and cable supporting USB-C specifications are recommended for optimal charging speeds and performance.

What are the USB-C charging speeds for the iPhone 15?

The USB-C port on the iPhone 15 supports faster charging speeds compared to its predecessors with the Lightning connector. The iPhone 15 can reach up to 50% battery capacity in 30 minutes when paired with a compatible USB-C charger. This is a considerable improvement, offering convenience and time-saving benefits. Additionally, the USB-C port enhances data transfer rates, making operations like syncing photos and videos to a computer much quicker.

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