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Best Wireless Charger for Pixel 6

Best Wireless Charger for Pixel 6

The Google Pixel 6 is a standout flagship smartphone model praised for its powerful Google Tensor chip, large display, distinct design, and more. Among these, one of its most talked-about features is wireless charging, a convenience that has become increasingly essential for modern smartphone users. If you are a Pixel 6 owner looking to go wireless with this model, you've come to the right place.

In this guide, we delve into everything you need to know to find the best wireless charger for Pixel 6, from the basics of its wireless charging feature to a curated list of top wireless chargers specifically suited for your device. Read on to learn more and find the ideal wireless charging solution!

What Is Pixel 6?

The Pixel 6 is Google's flagship smartphone released in 2021. It marked a major change in terms of design and features compared to its predecessors in the Pixel series.

Key features of the Pixel 6 include:

  • Custom Google-designed Tensor chip: Google introduced its own custom-designed system-on-chip (SoC) called Tensor for the Pixel 6 series. This marked a departure from using Qualcomm Snapdragon chips, which were common in previous Pixel models.
  • Improved camera system: The Pixel series is known for its exceptional camera performance, and the Pixel 6 continued this trend with a dual-camera setup on the back, including a 50MP main sensor that allows for incredible detail and color accuracy in photographs.
  • 5G connectivity: Like many flagship smartphones released around that time, the Pixel 6 offered 5G connectivity for faster data speeds where available.
  • AI and machine learning features: Google emphasized the use of AI and machine learning in various aspects of the Pixel 6, particularly in its camera capabilities and software features.
  • Immersive Display:With its vibrant, 6.4-inch AMOLED display and 90Hz refresh rate, the Pixel 6 offers an immersive viewing experience, whether for capturing stunning photos, streaming high-definition videos, or simply browsing the web.
  • New design:The Pixel 6 featured a new design aesthetic, including a horizontal camera bar across the rear of the device, which was different from the square camera module seen in previous Pixel models.

But perhaps one of the most appreciated features of the Pixel 6 is its ability to support wireless charging, which brings us to the focus of our guide. As more users move away from traditional wired charging, the convenience and efficiency of wireless charging have become more prominent. Read on to learn about the wireless charging capabilities of the Pixel 6.

What Is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is a method of charging electronic devices without the need for physical cable connections. Simply place your Pixel 6 on a charging pad or stand and it starts charging automatically. This reduces the wear and tear on device ports and allows for a more organized and clutter-free charging space.

The technology behind this convenient charging method is known as inductive charging. It involves two coils: a transmitter coil located within the charging pad and a receiver coil built into the device. When you place your smartphone on the charging pad, an electromagnetic field is created between the two coils, allowing energy to flow from the charging pad to your device, thereby charging the battery.

Overview of Pixel 6 Wireless Charging

Wireless charging for the Pixel 6 offers a convenient and efficient way to power your device without the clutter of cables. Here's an overview of the Pixel 6 wireless charging feature:

1. Qi Wireless Charging Standard

Like its predecessors, the Pixel 6 supports Qi wireless charging, the universal wireless charging standard widely adopted in the industry. This means it can be charged with a wide array of Qi-compatible charging pads and stands available on the market.

2. Wireless Charging Speed

Depending on the type of wireless chargers used, the wireless charging speed of the Pixel 6 varies. When the Pixel 6 is placed on a standard Qi wireless charger, it charges at a rate of up to 5W, which is a common speed for basic wireless charging.

For those looking for a bit more speed, the Pixel 6 also supports the Extended Power Profile (EPP). With a compatible EPP Qi charger, the Pixel 6 can achieve faster wireless charging speeds of up to 12W.

For the fastest wireless charging experience with the Pixel 6, the official Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) is the optimal choice. Specifically designed to complement the Pixel 6, the Pixel Stand enables the device to charge wirelessly at speeds of up to 21W.

3. Reverse Wireless Charging 

In addition to standard wireless charging, the Pixel 6 also supports reverse wireless charging with its Battery Share feature. This feature turns the phone into a wireless charger itself, capable of charging Qi-compatible accessories like earbuds, smartwatches, or even another phone at up to 5W speeds.

Top Picks for Wireless Chargers for Pixel 6

To help you find the best wireless charging solution, let's go over our top picks. These wireless chargers from Anker offer the perfect blend of efficiency, compatibility, and convenience, ensuring your Pixel 6 stays powered up effortlessly. 

1. Anker 315 Wireless Charger (Pad) 

The Anker 315 Wireless Charger (Pad) is a Qi-certified charging pad designed to work seamlessly with your Pixel 6. Just place your phone in the center of the pad and experience immediate charging without the hassle of tangled cables. 

Its slim and trim design, measuring only 8.5mm in thickness, can easily be mistaken for a coaster, offering a discreet charging solution for any setting. It also features a non-slip surface to keep your devices securely in place while charging. 

Equipped with Anker's exclusive safety technology, this charging pad offers foreign object detection, over-voltage protection, and temperature control, ensuring both you and your devices are protected throughout the charging process. 

2. Anker 313 Wireless Charger (Pad) 

The Anker 313 Wireless Charger (Pad) boasts a slim and sophisticated design, making it a stylish addition to any desk. The TPU surface prevents your device from sliding, ensuring they stay in place through charging. 

This Qi-certified charging pad can charge your Pixel 6 through protective cases up to 5mm thick, saving you the trouble of removing your case. It also features a sleep-friendly LED indicator that communicates the charging status, with solid blue light signifying active charging and flashing blue indicating a metal obstruction. 

With Anker's MultiProtect safety system, this charger provides foreign object detection, short circuit protection, and temperature control for peace of mind during charging.


Navigating the vast options to find the best wireless charger for Pixel 6 can seem overwhelming, but armed with the right information, the choice becomes much clearer. Through understanding the wireless charging feature of the Pixel 6 and exploring the top picks for wireless chargers, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview to assist in your decision-making process. Look for Qi certification, fast charging capabilities, and built-in safety features against overheating and overcharging. Ultimately, the ideal wireless charger for your Pixel 6 should not only offer efficiency and compatibility but also complements your lifestyle and preferences.


Q1. How do I know if a wireless charger is compatible with my Pixel 6?

To check if a wireless charger is compatible with your Pixel 6, ensure the charger supports the Qi wireless charging standard, which the Pixel 6 uses. Look for the Qi certification logo on the charger or its packaging.

Q2. Is Pixel 6 MagSafe compatible?

No, the Pixel 6 is not MagSafe compatible. MagSafe is a technology developed by Apple, specifically designed for the iPhone 12 series and later models, allowing for magnetic alignment for optimal wireless charging and attachment of accessories. Although some third-party cases for the Pixel 6 attempt to replicate MagSafe capabilities by integrating magnets, the Pixel 6 itself does not inherently support MagSafe technology.

Q3. What is the maximum wireless charging speed for Pixel 6?

The maximum wireless charging speed for the Pixel 6 is up to 21W with the official Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen). On a standard Qi wireless charger, it charges at up to 5W. With a compatible Extended Power Profile (EPP) Qi charger, it can achieve faster charging speeds of up to 12W.

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