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Top Work from Home Accessories to Buy 2024

Top Work from Home Accessories to Buy 2024

As the leap towards remote work becomes more prominent, equipping your home office with the right work from home accessories is vital not only for productivity but also for maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle. This article explores essential tech gadgets for remote workers and offers practical advice for achieving a good work-life balance, so you can perform at your best without sacrificing personal well-being. 

Consider Maximiznig your home office potential with the Anker corporate purchase program. Equip your workspace with superior, cost-effective tech solutions that offer both functionality and a sophisticated look.

What Are the Must-Have Tech Accessories for Remote Work? 

For remote work to be as efficient and comfortable as possible, certain tech accessories become indispensable. Here are some of the best work from home accessories:

  1. Reliable Wi-Fi Mesh System: A consistent and strong internet connection is the lifeline and backbone of remote work. A Wi-Fi mesh system ensures that your entire living space has a strong signal, eliminating zones with weak connectivity and providing seamless internet access as you move around your home.
  1. USB-C Docking Station: A USB-C docking station is a powerhouse for connectivity, allowing remote workers to connect their laptop to multiple devices like monitors, external hard drives, and more with a single cable. This not only enhances productivity by creating a multi-display setup but also simplifies the workspace, keeping it clean and efficient. Look for a docking station that supports high-speed data transfer and charging capabilities to maximize its utility.

A prime example of a high-performance USB-C docking station is the Anker 563 USB-C Docking Station (10-in-1), which expands a single USB-C port into ten different outputs including dual HDMI and a DisplayPort, allowing for a triple display setup that makes multitasking seamless. Mention its compatibility with the latest MacBook models and how it supports high-speed charging and data transfer, making it ideal for a streamlined and efficient workspace.

  1. High-Quality Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Essential for maintaining focus, noise-cancelling headphones are a game-changer for remote workers looking to minimize distractions. They use advanced technology to block ambient noise, allowing for better concentration on work tasks, whether participating in virtual meetings or delving into deep work.
  1. Wireless Charging Station: To ensure your devices are always ready to perform, a wireless charging station is indispensable. It provides a central hub for charging smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices without the hassle of cords. Opt for a charging station with multiple charging spots and fast charging technology to reduce downtime and keep all essential gadgets fully powered throughout the workday. 

For those needing a clutter-free charging solution, consider the Anker MagGo Wireless Charging Station (3-in-1 Pad), it epitomizes convenience by charging your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch at the same time. Its Qi2 certification assures rapid and safe charging times. The adjustable design not only saves space but also allows for easy viewing of your devices while charging, highlighting its utility and ergonomic advantages.

  1. Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse: These accessories aim to support the natural posture of your hands and arms, significantly reducing the stress and potential strain caused by extended periods of typing and navigating. Ergonomics is critical in preventing repetitive strain injuries, a common issue for those spending long hours at a desk.
  1. Charger: A charger, capable of supporting a variety of devices, is essential for maintaining battery life for laptops, phones, and other tech gadgets used in remote work. This accessory should offer fast charging capabilities, multiple port options, and be adaptable with different power requirements to ensure compatibility across all your devices. A good charger not only powers up your tools quickly but also does so efficiently and safely, making it a must-have for any remote workspace. 

The Anker 747 Charger (GaNPrime 150W) is an exceptional universal charger that exemplifies efficiency and versatility. Its capability to charge two laptops at once or four devices simultaneously without sacrificing charging speed makes it a powerhouse. Despite its sleek, compact size, it doesn't skimp on safety, incorporating Anker's ActiveShield 2.0 technology for temperature monitoring and adjustment, ensuring device protection. This charger is not only efficient but also environmentally friendlier thanks to its GaN technology.

  1. High-Quality Webcam and Microphone: A professional camera and microphone setup is vital for clear and effective communication during virtual meetings, projecting a polished and reliable image. It guarantees that the video and audio are transmitted clearly, thus avoiding miscommunication and ensuring that meetings run smoothly.
  1. Desk Organizers and Accessories: An organized workspace promotes efficiency. Desk organizers help in decluttering, ensuring that everything has its place, which can minimize distractions and facilitate a more productive work environment. Cable management solutions can help in maintaining an orderly space free from the chaos of tangled wires.

These accessories are designed not just to enhance your work efficiency but also to ensure that your home office is a comfortable, productive, and clutter-free environment. Additionally, for businesses looking to equip their remote teams, Anker corporate purchase program offers customized solutions and volume discounts. This program makes it easier for companies to manage and deploy technology accessories efficiently, ensuring that remote teams are well-equipped.

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance When Working from Home

Maintaining a solid and healthy work-life balance while working from home is essential for both productivity and personal well-being. Here are some effective tips you might want to start practicing:

  1. Follow a Defined Schedule: Establishing and sticking to a set schedule is important. Flexibility in remote work shouldn't translate to being online all the time. By setting specific work hours, you communicate with your team when you are available, and it also allows you to effectively plan your personal activities, ensuring that you have time to recharge.
  2. Smart Use of Communication Tools: Utilize tools like Slack and Google Calendar to notify your team of your availability. Setting boundaries for when you can be contacted prevents work from spilling into your personal time and helps maintain a clear distinction between 'work time' and 'personal time'.
  1. Incorporate Breaks with Personal Errands: To break the monotony and counteract the isolation that may come from remote work, integrate personal errands or activities as breaks throughout your workday. This approach allows you to step away from your workstation periodically, aiding in maintaining your productivity when you return.
  1. Plan Your Leisure Time: Having specific plans after work hours can be an excellent way to ensure you disconnect from work. Engaging in activities like exercise, hobbies, or social outings can provide a necessary transition from your work mode to personal or family time.
  1. Prepare for Work as Usual: Just because you are not going into the office doesn't mean you should skip your morning routine. Shower, dress, and perhaps even mimic your commute time by taking a short walk before starting work. This routine can mentally prepare you for a productive day ahead.
  1. Dedicate a Specific Workspace: Separate your work area from your personal spaces. Working from a clutter-free, designated work area can help lessen distractions and make it easier to shut off from work mode when the day ends.
  1. Maintain Meeting Schedules: Avoid postponing or canceling meetings because you are working remotely. Using video conferencing tools to conduct meetings as scheduled plays a crucial part in staying connected and productive.
  1. Eat Properly: Resist the temptation to snack all day. Setting a specific time for a lunch break, where you step away from your work desk to eat, is vital for your digestion and mental break.
  1. Get Fresh Air: Make it a point to step outside. A brief walk or a bit of sunshine during your breaks can significantly boost your mood and energy levels, enhancing your productivity when you return to work.


In wrapping up, remember that crafting a cozy and efficient office space with the right work from home accessories is key to boosting your work output. But don't forget that balancing your job and personal life is just as crucial for making sure you thrive in the remote work scene for the long haul. By fine-tuning your workspace and keeping a close eye on how you spend your time and care for your well-being, you can build a work-from-home experience that's even better than the old office days. Here's to a setup that's not just about getting the job done, but loving how you do it! 


Here are some commonly asked queries about work from home accessories.

What does every remote worker need?

Every remote worker needs a reliable high-speed internet connection, a functional workspace, essential equipment such as a computer or laptop, comfortable seating, and noise-canceling headphones to maintain productivity and effective communication with their team.

How to make your home office look professional?

To make your home office look professional, invest in a clean, clutter-free desk setup, adequate lighting, and ergonomic furniture. Incorporating a neutral color scheme, minimalistic decor, and keeping cables organized can also enhance the workspace's professional appearance.

What accessories can help increase productivity at home?

Accessories that can help increase productivity at home include a second monitor for extended screen real estate, a standing desk or an ergonomic chair for better posture, noise-canceling headphones for undisturbed focus, and a planner or digital task manager to keep track of deadlines and projects effectively.

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