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A Step by Step Guide to Connect Solar Panels to Anker SOLIX F3800 for 2,400W Solar Input

A Step by Step Guide to Connect Solar Panels to Anker SOLIX F3800 for 2,400W Solar Input

Connecting solar panels to the Anker SOLIX F3800 is a great way to harness solar energy. Follow these steps to transform the Anker SOLIX F3800 into a solar generator capable of up to 2,400W of solar input:
  • Wire Your Panels in Parallel: Wiring your solar panels in a parallel system maximizes power output, even if some panels are shaded, and ensures faster charging.
  • Connect to XT-60 Ports: A parallel system allows you to connect multiple solar panels to both XT-60 ports on the Anker SOLIX F3800. Each port supports up to 1,200W of solar recharging power with a maximum input current of 25A and a maximum input voltage of 60V.
  • Maximize Solar Input: With both XT-60 ports in use, the Anker SOLIX F3800 can support a total of 2,400W of solar input, operating with a 60V open-circuit voltage.
For detailed instructions on how to attach parallel solar panels, refer to the diagram below:

Please contact us at if you need further assistance. We're happy to help guide you through the process.
  1. Each XT-60 inlet on the Anker SOLIX F3800 supports up to three Anker SOLIX PS400 portable solar panels or three 405W rigid panels. To maximize the 1200W solar input capability of the Anker SOLIX F3800, the PS400 solar panel is the best option. With a 48V operating voltage and an 8.33A operating current, you can achieve a full 1200W solar power output in prime sunlight (1200W = 48V * 8.33A * 3 panels) on each XT-60 inlet, totaling 2400W with two XT-60 ports. 
  2. For the 405W rigid panels, with a 31.18V operating voltage and a 13A operating current, we recommend using no more than two panels per XT-60 inlet to avoid solar waste. Two 405W rigid panels will provide up to 780W(31.18V*25Amp) of solar power per inlet, totaling approximately 1560W with four 405W rigid panels(two per XT-60 inlet).
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