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120 Watt Charger

A 120 watt charger is a literal charging powerhouse. Deliver energy at lightning speed, it is perfect for charging power-hungry devices like gaming laptops and flagship smartphones. It also enables simultaneous fast charging for multiple devices, allowing you to spend less time tethered to an outlet and more time enjoying your devices.



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More about 120 Watt Charger

Anker's 120W chargers are an absolute game-changer for the modern tech-savvy individual. With universal compatibility as well as the ability to power up to three devices simultaneously, including phones, tablets, and notebooks, they serve as all-in-one charging solutions for your whole range of tech gadgets. But what truly sets our chargers apart is their incredible speed.

Anker's exclusive PowerIQ 4.0 technology, with Dynamic Power Distribution, intelligently adapts to your device's power requirements, delivering lightning-fast, efficient, and balanced charging for them all. Moreover, safety is paramount, and Anker's ActiveShield 2.0 technology ensures your devices are protected by constantly monitoring temperature and adjusting power output, offering peace of mind during those charging sessions. Plus, by incorporating GaN technology, these chargers are not only efficient but also eco-friendly, potentially saving a staggering amount of energy if widely adopted.

In short, Anker's 120W chargers are not just fast chargers; they are a smart, efficient, and environmentally conscious choice for powering your gadgets. Choose Anker 120 watt charger for phones and laptops and embrace the future of charging today! Furthermore, if you are a wireless charging fan, don’t miss out on our fantastic 10W wireless chargers either!

FAQ about 120 Watt Charger

How fast is a 120-watt charger?

A 120W charger is significantly faster than many conventional lower-wattage chargers, such as 5W or 20W chargers. This is because a higher wattage means power is delivered at a much higher rate to the device. For example, it is claimed that you can fully charge a 4,600mAh Xiaomi 12 Pro in as short as 18 minutes using a 120W charger.

Is 120W fast charging safe?

Yes, 120W fast charging can be safe, but you have to make sure that your charger is from reputable manufacturers like Anker and comes equipped with all the necessary safety features, like overheating protection, short-circuit protection, and so on. For example, the Anker 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W) is equipped with ActiveShield 2.0 technology, monitoring the temperature in real-time to prevent safety hazards. On the other hand, a low-quality or unbranded charger can pose significant safety risks when operating at 120W and thus should be avoided.

Can I use a 120-watt charger for any phone?

Generally yes. Most phones nowadays have built-in mechanisms that enable them to charge at their maximum supported speed, even if they are connected to a charger that can deliver much more. So, if you are using a 120W charger to charge a phone that supports only 20W charging, the charger will just deliver 20W and leave the extra 100W of capacity unused.

Does a 120-watt charger affect battery life?

No, a 120-watt charger should typically not affect battery life. Modern smartphones and laptops have advanced battery management systems that regulate charging to prevent overcharging and excessive heat, which are primary factors in battery degradation. However, always use reputable and quality 120w chargers for safety and efficiency.

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