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15W Wireless Chargers

Anker's 15W wireless chargers features cutting-edge Qi2-certified ultra-fast charging. Its MagSafe compatibility ensures rapid power delivery, while the ultra-compact, foldable design makes it as portable as a deck of cards.



FAQ about 15W Wireless Chargers

How long should I expect a 15W wireless charging pad to take to charge up?

With the Anker MagGo Wireless Charging Station, you can tap into the power of Apple's certified fast charging and watch your Apple Watch's battery soar to 47% in a brief 30-minute charge.

What are the essentials for enabling wireless charging?

To wirelessly charge your device, ensure it supports the feature and pair it with a suitable wireless charger. Connect the charger to a power source and lay your device atop to begin charging effortlessly.

Will wireless charging harm on your battery?

Wireless charging does not negatively impact a device's battery life, as the health of the battery is determined by charge cycles, not the method of charging.

Does wireless charging work with a case?

Most wireless charging mats are designed to work with cases up to 3mm thick, but it's advisable to steer clear of aluminum cases that can disrupt the charging process. The shift to glass backs in recent iPhones is largely attributed to their compatibility with wireless charging.

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