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25W chargers provide reliable and fast charging for a variety of devices, ensuring efficient battery replenishment while offering a compact and versatile solution for powering smartphones, tablets, and other compatible gadgets without overwhelming power output.



More About 25W Charger

Enjoy an elevated charging experience with Anker's remarkable 25W USB C chargers, the epitome of efficiency and convenience. Imagine the wonder of fully charging a Galaxy S22 in under 1.5 hours with support for 25W Samsung Super Fast Charging.

Compact yet powerful, these chargers are ingeniously designed at about 23% smaller than traditional 25W USB-C chargers and feature a foldable plug for easy portability. Meanwhile, universal compatibility is a hallmark for these USB power strips, thanks to PowerIQ 3.0 technology that optimizes charging for all your mobile devices.

Furthermore, safety always takes center stage with our MultiProtect™ technology, integrating 10 protective features—ranging from short-circuit protection to temperature control - safeguarding both you and your devices. So embrace the fusion of swiftness, security, and versatility in Anker's 25W USB-C chargers, revolutionizing the way you power up your devices.


How long does 25W Super Fast Charging take?

This depends on factors like the battery size of your devices & the charging conditions. Generally, 25W Super Fast Charging typically takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to fully charge a compatible device like Galaxy S22, providing swift and efficient power replenishment.

Is a 25 watt charger safe?

Yes, a quality 25-watt charger is generally safe to use, especially those from reputable brands like Anker. For example, the Anker 312 Charger (Ace, 25W) ensures safety through MultiProtect technology to guard against short circuits and temperature fluctuations. So remember to always opt for chargers from reliable manufacturers and avoid counterfeit or low-quality products to ensure charging safely and efficiently.

Can a 25W charger damage my devices?

Generally no. A properly designed and certified 25W charger from a reputable brand is unlikely to damage your devices. Chargers like these are engineered to provide the appropriate voltage and current for safe and efficient charging. However, using uncertified or low-quality chargers can pose risks to potentially damage your devices. To ensure safety, please choose chargers from trusted manufacturers.

Can I use a 25W charger with older devices that use USB-A ports?

Yes, it may be possible to use a 25W charger with older devices that use USB-A ports as they are usually backward compatible with USB-A devices. However, you'll need the appropriate USB-A to USB-C cable or USB A to Lightning cable for compatibility. Moreover, ensure the charger's power output won't harm your device. 

Is it safe to charge my device with a 25W charger overnight?

Yes, charging your device with a 25W charger overnight is generally safe, especially if the charger is from a reputable brand and the device is compatible. Modern devices and chargers often have safety mechanisms, like automatic power cutoff when the battery is fully charged, reducing the risk of overcharging. However, for optimal battery health, consider unplugging once fully charged or using battery optimization settings.

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