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A 65W power bank is a portable battery pack capable of delivering up to 65 watts of power to charge or power electronic devices. It typically features a built-in rechargeable battery and various output ports to connect devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets.



More About 65W Power Bank

Anker provides an array of top-notch 65w power banks as the ultimate mobile charging solution. Combining a capacity of up to 10,000mAh and a power output of 65W, our power banks deliver impressive charging speeds throughout prolonged charging sessions. Moreover, with a 2-in-1 hybrid design, our power banks can serve as wall chargers too, allowing you to replenish the power bank in a wall socket while charging up to 3 devices at the same time.

These are only part of the excellence of our 65W power banks. Thanks to the ActiveShield 2.0 technology, our power banks monitor the temperature non-stop during operation, while the MultiProtect technology integrates the full package of safety protection features including short-circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, and so on inside such a compact device. Furthermore, due to the universal compatibility with 1000+ devices, it is hard to find modern electronics that our power banks can’t power.

In short, our 65w power banks renovate charging in ways unconceived before. Shop our 65w power banks and embrace unlimited power today! Additionally, we also have 45w power banks and 5000mAh power banks to meet your different needs. Check out to find the right for you.


How long does it take to recharge a 65W power bank fully?

The time it takes to fully recharge a 65W power bank depends on its capacity, the power source used for charging, and the efficiency of the charging process. On average, it might take around 1 to 2 hours to fully recharge a 65W power bank with a high-powered charger. However, it's best to refer to the manufacturer's specifications for accurate information.

Can I charge my laptop with a 65W power bank?

Yes, you can charge many laptops with a 65W power bank like our Anker 733 Power Bank (GaNPrime PowerCore 65W), particularly charging laptops with lower power requirements. However, it's important to ensure compatibility between the power bank's output and the laptop's charging needs. Furthermore, some laptops with higher power demands may require a higher wattage power bank for efficient charging or to charge while the laptop is in use.

Is a 65W power bank safe to use?

A 65W power bank is generally safe to use, especially if it is from reputable power bank manufacturers like Anker. For example, the Anker 733 power bank has multiple built-in protection features including short-circuit protection, overload protection, and so on, making sure no safety hazards go unnoticed during operation.

Can I use a 65W power bank to power devices while they are in use?

Yes, you can use a 65W power bank to power devices while they are in use, provided that the power bank's output is compatible with the power requirements of the devices. However, note that this practice will reduce the charging speed since you are actually charging and draining the battery of your device at the same time.

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