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HP laptop chargers are designed to provide fast and efficient charging for HP laptops and other devices, ensuring users stay powered up and ready to tackle their tasks. Anker's HP chargers are the charging superheroes your HP devices have been waiting for!



More About Chargers for HP Laptop

With our cutting-edge HP computer chargers, you can power up to three devices simultaneously, including your trusty phone, versatile tablet, and portable notebook, all from a single charger. Meanwhile, say goodbye to the frustrating wait with our HP Elitebook chargers incorporating exclusive PowerIQ 4.0 technology to turbocharge your charging experience, delivering lightning-fast charging speeds and shaving off precious minutes from your charging time.

Plus, rest assured knowing that our HP Pavilion chargers have your back with ActiveShield 2.0 technology, a guardian angel monitoring temperature and adjusting power output to ensure your devices stay cool and safe. And let's not forget the sustainability factor - our GaNPrime technology saves energy like a green superhero, making a positive impact on the planet.

Get ready for the power-packed adventure of Anker's HP Zbook chargers and enjoy a worry-free charging experience that keeps you charged up and ready for anything!


Do all HP laptops use the same charger?

No, HP laptops do not universally use the same charger. The compatibility of laptop chargers varies between different HP laptop models. However, most modern HP laptops may support charging with USB-C chargers like the 120W Anker 737 Charger, offering more flexibility in charging options.

What charger does HP EliteBook use?

HP EliteBook laptops typically use the official HP 65W USB-C slim charger adapters. Besides, you can also use certified third-party chargers like Anker 737 Charger. With exclusive PowerIQ 4.0 technology, ActiveShield 2.0 intelligent temperature monitoring, and GaNPrime™ technology, you can ensure faster and more efficient charging for your HP EliteBook laptops.

Can I charge my HP laptop through the USB-C port?

Yes, many modern HP laptops like HP Elitebook and HP Pavilion support charging through the USB-C port. USB-C ports with Power Delivery (PD) capability can provide power to charge the laptop, making it a convenient and versatile charging option for compatible HP laptops. However, please check your laptop's specifications to ensure compatibility and safety before attempting to do so.

How do I find the correct charger for my HP laptop?

To find the correct charger for your HP laptop, check the laptop's model number and specifications. Look for the required voltage, amperage, and connector type. Match these details with the charger's specifications to ensure compatibility. Additionally, you can also consider using certified third-party universal chargers which may not only be compatible with your HP models but also serve as chargers for Lenovo laptop or chargers for Dell laptop for diversified but efficient charging.

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