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GaN Charger

A GaN charger is a power adapter or charger that utilizes Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology instead of traditional Silicon-based components. GaN chargers are more efficient, compact, and capable of delivering higher power outputs compared to traditional chargers, making them the future trend for mobile charging solutions.

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More About GaN Charger

Anker has the most fantastic lineup of GaN chargers to transform the way you charge. With an incomparably huge power output of up to 150W, these GaN chargers suffice any of your charging needs with the ability to charge up to 2 laptops at high speed or up to 4 electronics simultaneously.

Anker's GaN-enabled universal chargers deliver more than just speed and multiple charging. In fact, our GaN chargers are endowed with PowerIQ 4.0 technology that can intelligently distribute power among devices being charged and fine-tune the power assignment in real-time, ensuring a balanced charging effect. As for safety features, Anker is awe-inspiring too: just picture how safe it must be to monitor the temperature 3 million times daily with the help of ActiveShield 2.0 technology. Lastly, with compact and streamlined designs that take up minimal space, our GaN chargers offer full portability and bring power anywhere you go.

In short, Anker GaN chargers herald the future of mobile charging with our innovative GaN chargers. Pick a GaN charger from our collection and get powered up like never before today!

GaN Charger FAQs

What is a GaN charger?

A GaN charger is a charger that utilizes Gallium Nitride technology instead of traditional Silicon-based components. These gallium nitride chargers are more efficient, compact, and capable of delivering higher power outputs compared to conventional chargers, which accounts for their increasing popularity as chargers for electronic devices.

What are the advantages of GaN chargers?

GaN chargers offer several major advantages over traditional Silicon-based chargers:

Higher efficiency: GaN technology allows for improved power conversion efficiency, resulting in reduced electricity consumption and lower utility bills.

Faster charging: Due to their higher efficiency, GaN chargers can deliver faster charging speeds, enabling devices to reach full power more quickly. For example, the Anker 735 Charger (GaNPrime 65W) can charge up to 30 min faster than a regular charger according to lab tests.

Eco-friendly: With their increased efficiency, GaN chargers contribute to reduced energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions, making them more environmentally friendly.

Are GaN chargers better than silicon?

Yes, GaN chargers are generally better than traditional Silicon-based chargers. GaN chargers offer higher efficiency, faster charging speeds, and consume less energy compared to silicon chargers. These advantages have made GaN chargers a superior choice for modern consumers.

Do GaN chargers get hot?

GaN chargers can get hot during charging due to the inherent physics of power conversion. But generally, GaN chargers generally produce less heat compared to traditional Silicon-based chargers. As a result, GaN chargers tend to stay cooler while in use than traditional chargers.

Do GaN chargers support fast charging?

Yes, GaN chargers are well-suited for fast charging applications. Their high power conversion efficiency makes them ideal for delivering high output and fast charging to compatible devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. For example, Anker’s 65w USB-C chargers using GaN technology can charge about 30 minutes faster than using standard chargers.

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