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Samsung chargers are essential accessories designed to power up Samsung devices efficiently. With large power output and fast charging capabilities, they enable a trouble-free charging experience for every Samsung user.

More About Chargers for Samsung

Anker is now redefining your Samsung user experience by presenting an array of Samsung chargers of utmost performance and design. Our chargers boast 120W max power output with 3 ports, with a single USB-C port delivering up to 100W. This enables our chargers to power up 3 of your devices at once with impressive efficiency.

Moreover, equipped with PowerIQ 4.0 technology plus the dynamic power distribution feature, our Samsung chargers smartly detect the power needs of connected devices and dynamically distribute power among them, creating a balanced multi-device charging effect.

Anker has more to offer. To eliminate any safety concerns, these Samsung chargers come equipped with ActiveShield 2.0 technology that monitors temperature 3 million times a day, nipping any safety hazard in the bud and ensuring peace of mind for users.

In short, Anker Samsung chargers not only provide energy solutions for your Samsung devices but also take your digital life to the next level. Choose Anker’s super fast chargers for Samsung as well as wireless chargers for Samsung to embrace efficient


What type of charger does Samsung use?

There are mainly two types of chargers you can use for your Samsung products:

Original chargers: These are chargers officially provided by Samsung and bundled with Samsung’s products.

Third-party chargers: These are certified compatible chargers for Samsung products that are manufactured by third-party companies.

Can I use a fast charger to charge my Samsung device?

Yes, you can use a fast charger to charge most of your Samsung devices. Samsung devices are compatible with fast charging technology, which allows for quicker charging times compared to standard chargers. To take advantage of fast charging, ensure to use a compatible fast charger with the appropriate output like the Anker 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W) with USB-C ports and supporting up to 100W charging.

Can you use any charger for Samsung phones?

While you can technically use any charger that fits into the charging port of a Samsung phone, it is essential to make sure the charger you use is compatible with your Samsung model and match its voltage and amperage requirements. Moreover, if you use a third-party charger, make sure it is from reputable charger brands like Anker to ensure its quality and safety.

How do I choose a charger for my Samsung phone?

Please follow the steps below to choose the right charger:

Check your phone's charging port: Identify the type of charging port your Samsung phone has. Most newer Samsung devices use USB Type-C, while some older models might have Micro-USB. Make sure to select a charger that matches your phone's charging port.

Select the right power output: Look for a charger that provides the appropriate power output for your phone. Samsung devices typically support Fast Charging, which requires a charger with sufficient power output (usually 15W or higher).

Consider safety features: look for chargers with safety features like overheating protection to ensure a protected charging experience.

Choose original or certified chargers: You can opt for original Samsung chargers or third-party ones according to the charging port and power output. If you prefer third-party chargers, ensure they are certified compatible with Samsung and from reputable sources.

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