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Anker, a leading provider of premium charging solutions, offers a vast range of laptop chargers that are compatible with various devices. Our exceptional laptop chargers ensure a seamless and speedy charging experience, while our cutting-edge ActiveShield™ 2.0 technology diligently monitors temperature and adjusts power output, prioritizing the safety of your devices. With Anker, you can trust in unparalleled charging performance and unwavering reliability.

FAQ About Laptop Chargers

Can a Wall Charger Charge a Laptop?

Well, that depends! Laptops typically have higher voltage and wattage requirements for efficient charging, which are not commonly met by standard wall chargers for phones and other gadgets. That's why laptops come with dedicated chargers or power adapters, specifically designed to meet their unique power needs.


However, there are some great high-wattage wall chargers available that can handle a range of electronics, including laptops equipped with USB-C ports. Take Anker 736 Charger (Nano II 100W) for example. This charger works wonders for charging laptops, phones, and tablets, thanks to its exceptional compatibility. Moreover, these universal laptop chargers boast GaN II technology, making them smaller yet 100% faster.

Can I Use My USB-C Phone Charger to Charge My Laptop?

It depends on the specific power requirements of your laptop and the capabilities of your USB-C phone charger. Though it seems fine to use your USB-C chargers for iPhone as a USB C laptop charger, the phone charger may not provide sufficient power a regular laptop needs. So it may not work as expected.

To make sure your phone charger is able to charge your laptop, it's better to use universal multi-port USB chargers like Anker 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W) which has 2 USB-C ports and one USB-A port and can power 3 devices like phones, laptops, and tablets simultaneously. What's more, its GaNPrime™ technology can also help you significantly save energy.

Can a Phone Charger Damage a Laptop?

Worry not! A regular phone charger won't harm your laptop. However, it might not deliver optimal charging performance since phone chargers often lack the necessary voltage and current output required to power laptops efficiently.


If you need a charger that works seamlessly for both your laptop and phone, it's wise to invest in a high-quality universal charger, ensuring compatibility and safety for all your devices.

How Can I Determine the Size of the Charger Plug for My Laptop?

Determining the right size charger plug for your laptop depends on the type of connector you're using. For pin connectors, you can match the outer diameter and inner diameter of the pin or refer to your laptop's specifications for precise sizing.


However, if your laptop features USB-C charging ports, rejoice! You don't have to worry about sizes, as USB-C connectors are standardized. So, you can confidently use a USB-C laptop charger, whether you have a Windows laptop or a MacBook.

Does Leaving a Laptop Charger Plugged In Consume Electricity?

Yes, leaving your laptop charger plugged in consumes electricity, although the amount is relatively small. To put it into perspective, if you were to keep your charger plugged in for an entire year, the energy consumed could power your coffee maker for approximately 12 days.


To minimize your energy consumption and ensure safety, it's advisable to unplug your laptop charger when it's not in use, especially if you plan to leave it unattended for an extended period. Stay mindful and save those precious kilowatts.

Explore Anker's Laptop Chargers

With our unwavering commitment to premium quality and innovative technology, we offer a range of options tailored to meet your specific charging needs. Whether you're a student, a professional, or a tech enthusiast, Anker has the perfect solution for you.


So, check out our extensive lineup and discover the power, performance, and reliability that come with choosing Anker for all your laptop charging requirements. Get ready to elevate your charging game and embark on a new level of convenience and efficiency.

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