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Qi2 Wireless Chargers

Welcome to a new era of charging with the Anker Qi2 wireless chargers, where speed and design converge. Unleash the full potential of 15W ultra-fast charging, now with the assurance of Qi2 certification. Anker Qi2 wireless charger is perfect match for MagSafe users who demand quick and efficient power.



FAQ about Qi2 Wireless Chargers

How do Qi and Qi2 charging technologies differ from each other?

Initially, the Qi wireless charging standard could only support charging at a rate of 5 watts, whereas the newer Qi2 standard has enhanced this capability, allowing compatible phones to charge at a rate of 15 watts, which is on par with MagSafe technology. It is anticipated that the charging speeds will further escalate as the Wireless Power Consortium continues to refine the Qi2 standard

Can Qi2 be equated with MagSafe?

Qi2 ensures complete backward compatibility with MagSafe. The significant advantage for consumers is that it will make purchasing a wireless charger with MagSafe-like benefits more cost-effective. Unlike MagSafe, Qi2 is universal and extends MagSafe-like technologies to Android devices.

What phones have Qi2?

The iPhone 15 series from Apple marks the initial lineup of smartphones officially endorsing Qi2. Additionally, Apple has extended Qi2 support to earlier MagSafe-enabled iPhones.

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