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Samsung Laptop Charger

Samsung laptop chargers offer a seamless charging experience, blending speed, versatility, and advanced technology to meet your needs. Designed with a maximum output of 140W and compatibility with USB Power Delivery 3.1, Anker's laptop chargers for Samsung ensure efficient and rapid charging for your Samsung laptops, keeping you productive and connected throughout the day.

More About Samsung Laptop Charger

A standout feature of Anker's Samsung laptop chargers is the multi-device charging capability for some models. Equipped with two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, you can power up to three devices simultaneously with some of our laptop chargers, including your phone, tablet, and notebook, making these chargers a convenient all-in-one solution for your devices.

Additionally, our exclusive PowerIQ 4.0 technology takes charging to the next level by featuring Dynamic Power Distribution, which intelligently detects the power needs of connected devices and adjusts the power output for faster and more efficient charging. This technology can charge your devices up to 26 minutes faster, providing you with more time for your daily tasks. Moreover, safety is a priority with Anker's proprietary ActiveShield 2.0 technology, which monitors temperature over 3 million times per day and adjusts power output to safeguard your devices, while the use of Gallium Nitride (GaN) further enhances efficiency and heat dissipation while reducing the size of the charger.

In summary, Anker's Samsung laptop chargers offer you a combination of fast and efficient charging, multi-device compatibility, and advanced safety features, all in a compact and eco-friendly design. So upgrade your charging experience with Anker's innovative chargers for Samsung laptops and enjoy a reliable and convenient power solution.

FAQ about Samsung Laptop Charger

What charger do I need to charge my Samsung laptop?

To charge a Samsung laptop, you typically need a charger that matches the laptop's power requirements. Look for a charger with the appropriate voltage and wattage specifications compatible with your Samsung laptop model. Anker offers a range of laptop chargers designed specifically for Samsung laptops such as the Anker 717 Charger (140W), ensuring efficient and reliable charging.

Can I charge the Samsung laptop with a phone charger?

Yes, it's generally ok to charge a Samsung laptop with a compatible phone charger if it has the same or higher power output compared to the laptop chargers. For example, you can choose the Anker 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W) to charge both your laptop and phone. However, a phone charger with lower power outputs may not provide enough power to charge your laptop efficiently or at all.

What wattage of a charger do I need to charge my Samsung laptop?

To charge a Samsung laptop, you typically need a charger with a wattage that matches or exceeds your laptop's power requirements. Most Samsung laptops require chargers with wattages ranging from 65W to 140W, depending on the model. It's essential to use a charger that meets these power needs to ensure efficient and safe charging.

How do I know if my Samsung laptop can charge via USB-C?

Check the laptop's specifications or user manual. Look for information regarding USB-C compatibility or charging capabilities. Additionally, inspect the laptop's ports to see if it has a USB-C port labeled for charging. If unsure, consult Samsung's customer support or technical documentation for clarification.

Do all laptops use the same charger?

No. Laptops may vary in their power requirements, connector types, and charging protocols, so it's essential to use the correct charger to ensure compatibility and avoid potential damage to the device. However, there are also some universal chargers on the market, like Anker's 120W or 140W chargers compatible with 1000+ devices, allowing you to enjoy better convenience and efficiency.

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