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USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable

A USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable enables users to charge devices with MagSafe 3 ports (typically MacBooks) with efficiency and reliability. These cables are typically fast-charging and feature secure connections, making them premium solutions for Apple fans.



More About USB C to MagSafe 3 Cable

Anker provides the most advanced collection of USB-C to MagSafe 3 cables to empower your charging and data transfer journey. Engineered with care and precision, our cables show excellent advantages in the following aspects:

Charging Excellence: Our USB C to MagSafe 3 cables deliver impressive charging speed, replenishing your MacBook with unmatched efficiency. By seamlessly integrating USB-C's rapid charging capabilities with the magnetic convenience of MagSafe 3, our cables ensure an accelerated and reliable power transfer.

Build Quality: Anker’s lineup of USB C to MagSafe 3 cables is renowned for high build quality and durability. Engineered with hard-wearing exteriors, our USB C to MagSafe 3 cables endure wear and tear with remarkable resilience, making fraying and breakage no longer a concern.

Universal Compatibility: Enjoy universal compatibility with our versatile USB C to MagSafe 3 cables, which can be used to charge almost any device with a MagSafe 3 port, including a significant portion of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro released post-2021.

Overall, our Apple USB-C to MagSafe 3 cables offer versatile charging and fast transfer for Apple devices, facilitating your business productivity or entertainment joy. Check them now for an upgrade to your Apple use experience.

FAQ about USB C to MagSafe 3 Cable

What is the USB C to MagSafe 3 cable used for?

An Apple USB C to MagSafe 3 cable is used to connect MagSafe 3-equipped devices, such as the latest MacBook models, to USB-C power sources. It enables charging and power delivery, allowing for a versatile and standardized connection between MagSafe 3 devices and USB-C chargers or compatible accessories.

Can I use MagSafe 2 cable for MagSafe 3?

No. You cannot use a MagSafe 2 cable with a MagSafe 3 port. MagSafe 2 and MagSafe 3 have different physical connector shapes and different pin configurations, and it is simply not possible to plug a MagSafe 2 connector into a MagSafe 3 charging port. To charge MagSafe 3 devices like the MacBook Air (15-inch, M2, 2023), you need to use a USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable to ensure compatibility.

What devices use MagSafe 3?

By now, almost all devices supporting charging via MagSafe 3 ports are MacBook models. According to Apple’s official website, the following MacBook devices can be charged using MagSafe 3:

  • MacBook Airs released in 2022 or later.
  • 14-inch MacBook Pros released in 2021 or later.
  • 16-inch MacBook Pros released in 2021 or later.

What is the benefit of the MagSafe 3 charger?

A MagSafe 3 charger offers a range of benefits, such as increased charging speed, commendable quality, and more. However, the most prominent benefit of MagSafe 3 chargers is secure charging. The MagSafe 3 connector used by MagSafe 3 chargers enables a magnetic connection that is strong enough to prevent accidental unplugging. However, if you happen to trip on the MagSafe 3 cable, it neatly disconnects, saving your MacBook from being pulled off the desk.

Is it safe to charge MacBook Air with USB-C?

Yes, for MacBook Air models equipped with USB-C ports, it is safe to charge the MacBook Air with USB-C if you use the official Apple USB-C power adapter or a reputable third-party charger that meets the necessary specifications. However, you can also choose to charge via the MagSafe port for fast speed and easy magnetic alignment benefits.

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