PowerPort Wireless
Wireless Charging Technology by Anker
Charge Into the Future
The world has reaped the benefits of transmitting data wirelessly using Wi-Fi. Now, we’re ready for the next step—sending charging power straight through the air. Enjoy a new way to charge thanks to advanced technology; easier and more convenient than ever before. Just place your device on a PowerPort Wireless charger and let the power flow.
Case Friendly
Don’t fumble with your phone case.
PowerPort Wireless charges at full power regardless of your phone’s protection.
Certified Safe
Eliminate the risks associated with wireless charging.
Current regulation and temperature control—combined with mobile device detection and automatic safety shutoff—provide the ultimate safe charge.

High-Voltage Protection

Regulated Current

Temperature Control

Safety Shutoff

Radiation Shielding

Samsung S7/S7 edge

Samsung S8/S8+

iPhone X

iPhone 8/8 Plus

Samsung Note 8

Flawless Compatibility
PowerPort Wireless works with all devices capable of receiving a wireless charge.
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