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Supercharge Power Savings with Solar

Lower bills and help the planet with
Anker SOLIX Solar Power System.

How Your Home Benefits from Solar

Lower Sky-High Power Bills: During peak hours, solar power activates so you aren't spending money on expensive grid power.
Move Toward Sustainability: Your primary energy source is the sun, so you're not using electricity from fossil fuels.
Set Up Without Hassle: Anker SOLIX Solar Power System is easy to install by yourself, so you don't need an expensive contractor.
Avoid Another Blackout: Frequent outages are annoying, but solar power ensures you always keep the lights on.
Solve your power needs now with Anker SOLIX. Our solar energy products are smart, sustainable, and economical.
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Solar Storage System
Confidently Reduce Power Bills for Decades
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Solar System
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Solar Storage System
Do Germany and Austria regulate the size of solar panels?
Only Germany regulates the size of solar panels on rooftops. One solar panel must be less than 2m². Austria has no size limitation.

Can my home support Anker SOLIX Solar Balcony?
As long as your home has enough sun exposure and space, you can install the system. Before purchasing, check the latest local regulations and your energy supplier regarding restrictions on solar balcony systems.

How does Solarbank work?
Solarbank connects a solar (photovoltaic) module to a microinverter. PV power flows into Solarbank, which intelligently distributes it to the microinverter for your home load and battery storage from surplus electricity. Excess energy will not directly flow into the grid. When energy generated is far less than your demand, Solarbank uses battery power for your home load.
You have control over this process via three methods on the Anker app:
1. If PV power generation is greater or equal to your electricity demand, Solarbank will power your home through the bypass circuit. Excess power will be stored in Solarbank.
2. If PV power generation is greater than 100W but less than your demand, PV power will go to your home load, but no energy will be stored. The battery will not discharge power.
3. If PV power generation is less than 100W and less than your electricity demand, the battery will supply power according to your specifications.
When PV power is not working, the battery will supply power to your home according to your specifications.
1. At noon, John's electricity demand is 100W while his PV power generation is 700W. Solarbank will send 100W into the grid through the microinverter. 600W will be stored in the Solarbank battery.
2. Jane's power demand is 600W while her PV power generation is 50W. Solarbank will shut down PV power generation and discharge 600W of power from its battery.
3. In the morning, Will's electricity demand is 200W, and his PV power generation is 300W. Solarbank will power his home through the bypass circuit and store excess energy in its battery.

What kind of solar panels and inverters are compatible with Solarbank? What are the exact specifications?
Please use a solar panel that meets the following specifications for charging:
- Total PV Voc (open circuit voltage) between 30V-55V. PV Isc (short circuit current) with 36A max input voltage (60VDC max).
- Your microinverter can match Solarbank's output specifications: Solarbank MC4 DC output: 11-60V, 30A (Max 800W).

What is the charge allocation logic of Anker SOLIX E1600 Solarbank when connecting to Anker SOLIX Balcony Solar Power System?
- Priority charging is based upon the power demand you set.
- When PV power generation exceeds your demand, excess power is stored.
- For example, if PV power generation at noon is 800W and power demand is 200W, you can allocate 200W to discharge power at that time (do so in the Anker app).
- Anker SOLIX Balcony Solar Power System automatically regulates the wattage and will store 600W to avoid wasting electricity.
- That energy will be saved until you're ready to use it, even at night.

How do I connect Anker SOLIX Balcony Solar Panel to Anker SOLIX E1600 Solarbank?
- Only three steps are required to connect the system:
- Connect the solar bank to the microinverter using the supplied MC4-Y output cables.
- Connect the microinverter to a power outlet using the original cable.
- Connect the solar panels to Solarbank using the supplied solar panel extension cables.

How do I connect four PV panels and two Solarbanks to one microinverter?
- Connect Solarbank to the microinverter using the MC4-Y output cables.
- Connect the microinverter to a home outlet using the original cable.
- Connect the solar panels to Solarbank using the included cables. Refer to the manual for more info.

Is there funding or subsidies for balcony power plants in my city?
There may be regional subsidies and subsidies for balcony power plants, but these benefits may change. Please contact your local government for more information.

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