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Why Choose Anker SOLIX X1?
Easy to Sell
Easy to Install
Easy to Commission
Easy to Maintain
This scalable power solution ranges from 5kWh to 180kWh with complete customization. Consumers can add another unit or extra batteries to meet their exact needs.
With the system's modular and ultra-thin design, you can complete the setup quickly, allowing you to complete more jobs throughout the day.
In just four steps, you can check that everything is operating smoothly with the Anker SOLIX Professional App. It connects via Bluetooth to Anker SOLIX X1.
You don't need to be on site. Our cloud-based platform allows you to monitor thousands of devices and adjust remotely, reducing your labor costs.
What Makes X1 Stand Out
The robust, durable system is designed to be user-friendly for you and your customers, meeting any energy needs.
Easy Commissioning with the
Anker SOLIX Professional App
Easy Commissioning with the Anker SOLIX Professional App

Automatic Device Recognition

Just connect via Bluetooth for fast and smooth installation. Our system automatically recognizes components.

Auto-Assigned Grid Codes

Simplify installation with grid codes that adapt automatically by location. You can still customize parameters for more flexibility.

Advanced Self-Diagnostics

Ensure peak performance with comprehensive self-diagnostics that suggest proactive repairs when issues arise.

Optimized Peformance

By creating a user account, actively optimize system performance for smarter, more efficient energy storage.

Diagnose Systems Remotely

Enjoy easy maintenance with the Anker SOLIX Professional Platform
Monitor Thousands of Devices

Monitor and stay updated in real time, reducing the need for on-site system checks.

Easy-to-Read Graphs

Fully understand system performance over daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals.

Reduce Troubleshooting Time

With a clear module layout, quickly identify anomalies and reduce the amount of time troubleshooting.

Remote Diagnosis

Save a trip and adjust parameters remotely, reducing operational and maintenance costs.

Direct Technical Support and Training

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Grow Your Business with Anker SOLIX
Reach out to our dedicated sales team for more information.
Reach out to our dedicated sales team for more information.