The World's First 2000W
Home Balcony Solar System with Power Storage

  • World's First 2000W Home Solar Power System with Storage

  • Max Out Power to


  • Savings per Year


Expand Power to Your Needs

  • Max Power Generation
  • Solar Panels
    540W ×4
  • Conversion Efficiency

Store 3.2kWh of Capacity for Max Savings

Avoid wasted solar energy. Solarbank stores 3.2kWh of surplus energy for you to use during peak electricity hours at night.

Note: Lab simulated curves for display and demonstration. System performance may vary depending on individual household settings.
  • 800W Panel Solar Power Generation
  • 2000W Panel Solar Power Generation

Power That Can't be Matched

Give yourself power that stands far above other solar solutions. You'll generate 2.5× more power and save 6.5× more on electricity bills.
  • Power Generated
  • Energy Conserved
  • Money Saved on Bills
    6.5 ×
"2.5 Times More Power Generated" is calculated from Solarbank Dual System's annual power generation of 2184kWh versus an alternative product's power generation of 890kWh. "3 Times More Energy Conserved" is calculated from Solarbank Dual System's energy conservation of 1922kWh versus an alternative product's power generation of 890kWh. Alternative plan data is from other balcony solar storage system solutions on the market. The maximum power generated is 890kWh per year with a self-consumption rate of 73%.

How a Parallel System Sends Power to Your Home

Solarbank Dual System doubles your electricity while your solar panels generate energy, and then your parallel system stores it for later use. Just connect with one Schuko plug and microinverter to power the system.
Advanced LiFePO4 Batteries Built for Home Storage
6,000 Cycles
Advanced LiFePO4 Batteries
  • 12×
    Longer Lifespan Compared to Ternary Lithium Battery
  • Lifespan Compared to Conventional LiFePO4 Batteries
Daily Weather Protection, All Year
  • Solarbank
  • Solar Panels
Stay powered for decades even during poor weather. Solarbank has IP65 water and dust resistance and is built to withstand wind gusts.

No Waiting with 2-Hour Plug-and-Play Setup

Install by yourself without an electrician. Just set up the solar panel and connect to Solarbank.

Elegant All-Black Design for Your Home



Flat Roof

Boost sunlight collection in your backyard with 540W photovoltaic panels built with an anti-corrosive aluminum frame.

Control Power with Smart Anker App

Match Storage to Needs

Stats at a Glance

OTA Upgrade

Customize your energy based on your home's needs and area's sunlight conditions. Even when you're on vacation, you can manage your energy storage.

The Eco-Friendly Choice
Lower carbon emissions by 1,546 kg per year and make a difference in fighting climate change. This sysstem eliminates the same amount of carbon accumulated from 18 drives from Hamburg to Munich (total 14,749.8 km).
  • Ready to Upgrade to 800W

    When the wattage limit rises, upgrade your microinverter from 600W to 800W via the Anker app.
  • Customer Service Before and After the Sale

    Whatever your question, you're taken care of with exceptional Anker SOLIX customer service. Even after a purchase, we're here to troubleshoot and assist with maintenance on Solarbank, solar panels, micro inverters, and brackets.
The Clear Advantage
Solarbank Dual System Turbocharges Power and Savings
  • 1. Four 540W solar panels can produce, on average, 2184kWh of electricity per year.
  • 2. Taking consumption time and converting efficiency into account, the self-consumption rate is raised from 40% to 71% when compared to balcony solar systems without power storage products. The annual power consumed from Anker SOLIX Solarbank Dual System is 1551kWh.
  • 3. The annual electricity cost saved is based on a €0.40/kWh electricity price, which is taken from the official 2022 average electricity price of 40 cents in Germany H2. The annual saved electricity fees total €620.
  • 4. The generation of 1kWh of electricity from solar panels is equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions by 0.997kg. The average emissions per vehicle were 129.9gCO2/km in Germany in 2018.
The annual amount saved on electricity bills: 2184kWh × 71% × 0.4€ /kWh = €620
The CO2 emission produced per km while driving in Germany: 2184kWh × 71% × 0.997kg / 0.1299 kgCO2/km = 14,749.8km