Anker SOLIX Solar Generator

Anker leads the charging industry with ingenious designs and excellent performance. With a dazzling array of cutting-edge 2000W+ AC output solar generators of 96% charging efficiency, Anker dominates the realm of solar generation and provides an endless and ubiquitous energy supply.

What is a Solar Generator?

Solar generators are a type of power-generating device using solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, which is then stored in a battery that can be used to power various electronic devices. These solar powered generators are widely used today in the applications below:

  • Off-grid Living: Solar power generators can be used to power homes and cabins without access to the power grid. With a solar generator like Anker SOLIX F2000 Solar Generator + 200W Solar Panel, you can generate and store electricity during the day and use it at night.
  • Outdoor Activities:Portable solar generators are great for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities as they’re easy to use, and can provide a clean and renewable source of energy. You can use them to power your phones, cameras, tents, RVs, or other camping equipment.
  • Remote Locations: Portable solar power generators are also useful for remote locations, such as construction sites, research stations, and mining camps. These solar electric generators like Anker SOLIX F2000 Solar Generator + 4 x 200W Solar Panelcan provide a reliable and efficient source of energy for powering tools, lighting, and communication equipment.

Emergency Situations: In case of a power outage or natural disaster, solar powered generators for homes can provide a critical source of backup power. They can power essential appliances, such as medical equipment, refrigerators, and communication devices, and help you stay connected and safe during emergencies.

The solar generator with panels converts sunlight into electrical energy using solar panels, and then stores that energy in a battery for later use. Here is a general overview of how a solar generator works:

  1. The solar panels consisting of photovoltaic (PV) cells capture sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity.
  2. The charge controller inside regulates the amount of power flowing from the solar panels to the battery to ensure that the battery is not overcharged or undercharged, which can damage the battery or reduce its lifespan.
  3. The battery which is the safest LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery on Anker SOLIX F2000 Solar Generator + 2 x 200W Solar Panel)stores the electrical energy produced by the solar panels to provide a constant flow of power over a long period of time.
  4. The inverter converts the DC electricity stored in the battery into alternating current (AC) electricity, which can be used to power AC appliances and devices. Anker solar generators also have built-in DC outlets for powering DC devices, such as laptops and cell phones.
  5. Then, solar power generation provides power to the user through various output ports, such as AC outlets, USB ports, and DC outlets.

What Makes a Good Solar Generator?

A good solar generator should have several key features and qualities to ensure optimal performance, ease of use, and reliability. Here are some key factors to consider when you want the best solar generator:

  1. Solar panel capacity: Solar panels are the primary source of power for the generator, so it's important to choose a model with enough capacity to meet your needs.
  2. Battery capacity: The battery is the second most important component of a solar generator. A good solar house generator should be a lifepo4 solar generator that uses LiFePO4 lithium batteries to store enough energy and power your devices and appliances for a reasonable amount of time.
  3. Portability: A good solar generator should be portable and easy to move around, especially if you plan to use it for outdoor activities like camping or RVs or in remote locations.
  4. Inverter capacity: A good solar backup generator for homes should have a high-capacity inverter that can handle the power needs of your devices when converting the DC electricity stored in the battery into AC electricity.
  5. Durability: A good solar powered backup generator should be built to last and withstand harsh outdoor conditions. You can count on Anker SOLIX Solar Generators for this aspect which provides a 5-year full device warranty.
  6. Safety features:A good emergency solar generator should have built-in safety features that protect the user from electrical shocks, overcharging, and other potential hazards.

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    Why Choose Anker Solar Generators?

    Anker's efficient solar panels pair perfectly with its portable power stations, offering convenient solar energy that easily folds up and travels with you to power every adventure.

    • The Longest-Lasting

      Renewable Power Solution

      1. EV-Class LiFePO4 Batteries

      2. Industrial-Grade Electronic Components

      3. Unibody Drop-Proof Design

      4. Smart Temperature Control

    • Maximum Solar Recharge

      Suncast technology optimizes your panel's alignment to the sun so they capture the most direct and efficient energy possible.

      1. Suncast Alignment

      2. Adjustable Kickstand

    • Proven Durability

      Scratch and weather-resistant surfaces mean these panels will last as long as your adventures do.

      1. Scratch-Proof

      2. IPX4 Panel Surface

    Safer. Cleaner. Quieter. Greener.

    Silent, efficient, and emission-free solar generators are more eco-friendly and sustainable for
    the outdoors—and they come with zero maintenance cost.


    Anker Solar Generator

    From Solar

    Energy Renewable Accessible Unlimited Usage
    Cost Free to Use Zero Maintenance
    Environment Clean and Green Silent

    Gasoline Generator

    From Gasoline

    EnergyNon-RenewableWorldwide Shortage Limited Resource Storage
    Cost Rising Fuel PricesHigh Maintenance
    Environment Toxic Emissions Noisy

    The Most Efficient, Eco-Friendly Power

    Anker's solar panels convert up to 23% of sunlight into solar energy, for 1.5X better performance compared to competitors. This provides efficient and unlimited power to your devices and appliances, no matter if you're in your backyard or far off-grid.

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    Anker Solar Generators


      Do Anker PowerHouse Portable Power Stations have a built-in MPPT controller?

      Yes, all Anker portable power stations have a built-in MPPT controller.

      What's the energy convert efficiency of Anker Solar Panel?

      Anker 625 Solar Panel (100W) converts up to 23% of sunlight into solar energy.

      What PowerHouse models is the Anker Solar Panel compatible with?

      Anker 625 Solar Panel (100W) is compatible with PowerHouse 521, 535, 555, 757, and 767. Anker 531 Solar Panel (200W) is compatible with PowerHouse 767.

      How long can the power station charge my devices via the AC port?

      Device run time = Capacity(Wh) × 0.8 / operating wattage of your device.

      How should I store and maintain the product?

      1. To preserve the battery lifespan, recharge it to 100% after every use.
      2. Turn on Power Saving Mode and turn off all the buttons on PowerHouse.
      3. We recommend recharging it 100% every month.

      Why does the power station's battery drain even when no devices are connected?

      When the AC and car socket control buttons are turned on, there will be a certain amount of no-load power consumption. To avoid this, make sure the control buttons are turned off or turn on Power Saving mode when not in use.

      How can I set up my Anker Solar Generator?

      1. Find the DC input port at the back of Anker PowerHouse.
      2. Connect Anker Solar Panels with PowerHouse 521/535/555 via a connector and solar charging cable.
      3. Connect Anker Solar Panels with PowerHouse 757/767 via a solar charging cable.