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The Power Trifecta Backup, Savings, Energy Freedom
Anker SOLIX X1 transforms your power experience. Store solar energy during the day for nighttime use or off-grid. Enjoy savings on your power bill, too.

Connect X1 with Anker SOLIX EV Charger to create a home micro-grid for increased energy independence fueled by free solar power, daily.
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Energy for Every Situation

Modular Build
Power That Scales with You

Each battery is packed with an innovative energy optimizer for independent charging and discharging, providing more attainable energy.

The energy optimizer is what makes the modular design possible, allowing you to scale output and capacity based on your needs.
5-180kWh | 3.68-72kW
Energy for Your Exact Needs
0 Energy Loss
While Expanding Capacity
More Attainable Energy
*Note: Data based on Anker SOLIX X1 hybrid three-phase 12kW power module.
Energy Customized to Your Needs
Scale power to perfectly match your needs with single-phase and three-phase configurations, each with four power modes. Single-phase options range from 3.68kW to 6kW, and three-phase options range from 5kW to 12kW.
Essential Appliances
Wi-Fi Router
Laptop/Home PC
Heavy-Duty Appliances
Air Conditioner
Electric Oven
Pool Pump
Electric Vehicle
Heat Pump
1 Power Module + 1 Battery Module
1 Power Module + 3 Battery Modules
1 Power Modules + 6 Battery Modules
2 Power Modules + 6 Battery Modules
Add More Power
Note: The estimate is based on Anker SOLIX X1's hybrid three-phase 12kW power module.

Innovative Energy Optimizer

What is the Barrel Effect?
In traditional battery packs, your weakest battery affects the entire system. When it's full, all batteries stop charging. When it's empty, all batteries stop discharging.
Modular Design, More Power
Each battery pack contains an innovative energy optimizer for independent charging and discharging. That eliminates the Barrel Effect and delivers up to 2000kWh+ power.

Scale at Minimal Cost

Thanks to the modular design, you can start with a small system and add to it as your family grows. Every battery added connects to your system without energy loss.

Minimalist Design
Sleek Power for Your Home

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15cm Build Contains It All

X1 is ultra-thin, thanks to its all-in-one design that combines battery and power modules. Install it almost anywhere around your home.
All in One

Always-On Power
Ready for the Extreme

Extreme Off-Grid Performance

You're protected at all stages of an outage with X1 and its four off-grid features. They start long before a blackout occurs.
Outage Occurance
During Blackouts
Extended Outages
In less than 10ms, your power switches over to X1, so you can run appliances without interruption.

Under 10ms
Under 10ms Enjoy seamless backup transition.
With up to 12.6kW output, you can power on confidently. It's more than enough to run high-wattage home appliances at the same time.
Calculation: 12kW × 1.05 Power Rated Output = 12.6kW
1.05X Rated Power Output
1.05X Rated Power Output With InfiniPower™, you always have electricity.
Normally, blackouts disrupt solar systems, too. Not with X1. You'll have a constant power supply for several days of energy.
24/7 Solar Power
24/7 Solar Power Keep life smooth, even during lengthy outages.

Power Up with Extreme Toughness

Outages can be particularly brutal in the winter and summer. X1 is equipped to endure the extreme chill and heat with its superior build for peak performance.
Extreme Performance at Frigid -20°C
X1 solves battery power challenges during freezing weather. Thermal boosting kicks in at 0°C and keeps the battery operating at -20°C.
Unparalleled Strength at Blazing 55°C
IP65 and C5 Protection,
10-Year Warranty
What Makes X1 Resilient?

Anker's Smart Ecosystem Unites Your Home Energy

Experience intelligent energy convenience with the complete integration of Anker SOLIX X1, our portable power stations, and Solarbank.
You can even use X1 with Anker SOLIX EV Charger, maximizing self-consumption of solar energy to charge your electric vehicle.
X1 is also Smart-Grid Ready and capable of powering your heat pump. To manage, just use the Anker app.

Smart Energy, Max Savings

X1 features six distinct energy modes. Three are for comprehensive power management, while the remaining three further enhance your efficiency.
Self-Consumption Mode
Time-of-Use Mode
Off-Grid Mode
Minimize grid electricity. Your solar panels charge X1 and power your home during the day while you use X1 battery power at night. No grid power needed.
Minimize your electricity bill. Charge when energy prices are low overnight and during the day. Discharge when prices are high to avoid the surcharges.
Activate off-grid power. Manually switch to Off-Grid mode with just solar panels and X1.

Manage and Control with a Tap

Real-Time Monitoring and Control
The Anker app gives you real-time data to monitor home power generation and consumption wherever you are.
Optimized with Data Insights

Safe and Reliable

Shock-Free 0V Shutdown
Your safety is our top priority. A zero-voltage shutdown activates during transportation, installation, and servicing to keep you safe from electric shock.
Abnormal Batteries Auto-Isolate
If a battery pack goes down, your power doesn't. Each battery pack contains an innovative energy optimizer. If something goes wrong, the failed module turns off, so power keeps going.
Stable LiFePO4 Batteries
The chemical makeup of LiFePO4 batteries in X1 is safe and stable. They can withstand thermal runaway between 300°C to 350°C, significantly higher than ternary lithium batteries.
Powerful and Quiet Operation
Rest easy with X1 operating at less than 40dB. It's much quieter than a rumbling gas generator.
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  • The calculation of 2000kWh+ more energy is based on Anker SOLIX X1's 15kWh batteries compared to a traditional home battery over 10 years.
  • To be quieter than 40dB, the ambient temperature must be below 35°C. Noise level tested in Anker laboratory from 1 m away with typical voltage conditions.
System Overview
Note: The following data is based on Anker SOLIX X1 Hybrid Three-Phase Energy Storage System with 12kW AC output and 15kWh capacity. For customized setups, refer to the specs of each available module.
Energy Capacity
Note: 5kWh 1 battery module
Switch Time
< 10ms (On-Grid to Off-Grid)
AC Output (On-Grid)
AC Output (Off-Grid)
Scalability Per System
Up to 6 Batteries
Note: Up to 12kW / 30kWh
Max Systems in Parallel
Up to 6 Systems
Note: Up to 72kW / 180kWh
Mounting Options
Ground or Wall
Operational Temperature
-20°C to 55°C
10 Years
Tech Specs
PV Input
Max Input Power
7.36kW / 9.2kW / 10kW / 12kW
Max Input Voltage
600 VDC
Start-Up Voltage
60 VDC
Rated Input Voltage
360 VDC
Max PV Input Current
1sc PV Array Short Circuit Current
Number of MPPTs
Number of Strings per MPPT
MPPT Voltage Range
80-550 VDC
AC Output (On-Grid)
Rated Output Power
3.68kW / 4.6kW / 5kW / 6kW
Rated Output Voltage
12k220 / 230 / 240 VAC
4.5kW (10s) with 1 battery module
9kW (10s) with 2 battery modules
Rated Frequency
50 / 60Hz
Power Factor
0.8 ind - 0.8 cap
AC Output (Off-Grid)
Rated Output Power
3.68kW / 4.6kW / 5kW / 6kW
Rated Output Voltage
220 / 230 /240 VAC
Rated Frequency
50 / 60Hz
Dimensions (W × H × D)
670 × 335 × 150mm
Scalability per System
Up to 6 Batteries
Note: Up to 6kW / 30kWh
Max Systems in Parallel
Up to 3 Systems
Note: Up to 18kW / 90kWh
Operation Temperature
-25°C to 60°C
Relative Humidity
0 to 100%
Max Operating Altitude
Up to 4,000m
Note: Power Derates from 2,000m
Assembly Ingress Rating
10 Years
Disclaimer: See Anker SOLIX X1 Technical Specifications for more details.