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Balcony Power Plant Change in Law: Regulation Guide 2024

Balcony Power Plant Change in Law: Regulation Guide 2024

The balcony power plant change in law 2024 gained significant attention among homeowners and green energy enthusiasts. This change is expected to reshape the way individuals generate their electricity, and it will have a direct impact on the operation and benefits of balcony power plant owners. In this article, we will discuss the details of this new law and how it will benefit those who have set up mini power stations on their balconies. We will also recommend the best balcony power plant solutions that align with the updated legal framework, ensuring that you can take full advantage of this exciting shift.

What's New in the Balcony Power Plant Law 2024?

The new 2024 legislation for balcony power plants, as part of Germany's "Solarpaket 1," is a stride towards reducing bureaucracy and expanding options for generating solar power and cutting CO2 emissions. Despite initial delays, with key measures not coming into effect by early 2024 as planned, the government remains committed to streamlining balcony power plant operations. The following are the main improvements under discussion:

  1. Simplified Registration:The complex registration with the grid operator and market master data register will be streamlined, requiring only a simple notification to the market master data register within one month of commissioning.
  1. Increased Power Limit:The threshold for simplified registration of balcony power plants is proposed to increase from 600 to 800 watts, allowing for the use of more powerful inverters.
  1. Temporary Acceptance of Reverse-Running Meters:Older electromechanical Ferraris electricity meters that can run backward will be tolerated temporarily, which could reduce electricity bills.
  1. Legalization of Schuko Plugs:The use of standard Schuko plugs for connecting micro solar installations will be officially recognized, making technical installation easier. However, connecting through multiple sockets remains prohibited.
  1. Individual Calculation of Installations: Balcony power plants will no longer be collectively assessed with larger PV installations, making individual calculations possible.

In addition to this balcony power plant change in law 2024, there's a federal move to include plug-in solar systems in privileged measures under tenancy and property law, aiming to clearly define the rights of tenants and residential owners in installing these systems without the need for landlord or homeowner association approval.

How Will the Balcony Power Plant Owners Benefit from the New Regulation?

Below are some of the benefits for owners based on balcony power plant change in law 2024:

  1. Ease of Installation:Owners no longer need complex processes to start benefiting from their systems. Simplified procedures diminish administrative barriers, fostering a more widespread adoption.
  1. Cost Savings:The tolerance for reverse-running meters could mean a direct reduction in utility costs as excess power can offset the meter readings.
  1. Enhanced Safety Codes:Integration into DIN VDE regulations ensures that safety concerns for plug-in systems are addressed, which could give consumers greater peace of mind.
  1. Regulatory Certainty:Updates bring clearer definitions of rights for tenants and apartment owners, aligning legal frameworks with renewable energy goals and empowering individuals to engage regardless of homeownership status.
  1. Future Expansion Support:These reforms lay the groundwork for progressive increases in the allowable output of balcony power systems, indicating growth potential for solar contributions from private residences.

Best Balcony Power Plant Recommended

When considering the installation of a solar power system on your balcony, it's important to choose a system that is efficient, easy to install, and visually pleasing. The Anker SOLIX series offers a range of options that meet these criteria. Here are the top picks from their collection:

  1. Anker SOLIX Balcony Solar Power System (820W)

The Anker SOLIX Balcony Solar Power System (820W) with 600W/800W Microinverter, Balcony Brackets Included is a prime choice for those seeking to combine high efficiency with style. This system includes a 600W/800W microinverter and comes with balcony brackets for easy installation. The all-black design not only looks sleek but also provides an impressive 23% efficiency rate, ensuring that your investment is both economically and environmentally sound. Over 25 years, it promises to maintain up to 84.8% of its efficiency, making it a reliable long-term choice. Installation can be completed in about 2 hours, making it a convenient option for busy homeowners. The integrated Anker app allows for easy monitoring and control, adding a layer of convenience to its high performance.

2. Anker SOLIX Balcony Solar Power System (1080W)

For those needing a more robust solution, the Anker SOLIX Balcony Solar Power System (1080W) with 600W/800W Microinverter, Ground Brackets Included is an excellent upgrade. This system also features a 600W/800W microinverter but includes ground brackets for versatile installation options. It shares the same 23% efficiency rate and aesthetic appeal as its 820W counterpart and is designed to integrate seamlessly into modern outdoor decor. The quick two-hour installation process and real-time energy monitoring via the Anker app make this system both user-friendly and highly effective in maximizing solar energy.

3. Anker SOLIX Balcony Solar Power System (890W IBC-Tech)

The Anker SOLIX Balcony Solar Power System (890W IBC-Tech) with 600W/800W Microinverter, Ground Brackets Included introduces advanced technology with its IBC N-Type solar panels, which optimize light absorption using 2x445W PV panels. This setup includes a 600W/800W microinverter and ground brackets, providing flexibility and ease of installation. The system is engineered for those who prioritize technological advancement and efficiency in their solar solutions. Like the other models, it offers a plug-and-play setup and is controlled via the Anker app, ensuring that managing your solar output is straightforward and efficient.


The future is greener and brighter for homeowners with the balcony power plant change in law 2024. This transformative legislation makes it easier to adopt sustainable energy sources and harness the sun's power directly from your balcony. It's a vital shift towards decentralized, clean energy solutions that reflects our collective commitment to environmental stewardship and energy independence. Get ready to power up your balcony and embrace a brighter future!


Here are some commonly asked questions about the balcony power plant change in law.

Do you have to register the 800w balcony power plant since 2024?

Yes, as of 2024, the registration requirement for balcony power plants has been updated. Previously, systems exceeding 600W required registration, but the new regulation has raised this threshold. Now, only balcony power systems with a capacity of over 800W need to be registered.

Are there any new incentives or subsidies for the installation of balcony power plants in 2024?

In 2024, Germany introduced new incentives and subsidies to encourage the installation of balcony power plants. These incentives are designed to make renewable energy sources more accessible to the public, reducing the initial investment cost for homeowners.

Is it a good time to install a balcony power plant in 2024?

Installing a balcony power plant in 2024 is considered a wise investment in Germany. With the introduction of new incentives, simplified registration, and the growing need for sustainable energy solutions, homeowners are finding balcony power plants an increasingly viable option. These systems not only reduce electricity bills but also contribute positively to the environment, making 2024 an advantageous time for installation.