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Anker's range of USB adapters revolutionize connectivity with their exceptional performance. Immerse yourself in stunning HD video quality up to 8K@60Hz or 4K@144Hz, effortlessly extending or mirroring screens without compromising on clarity. With plug-and-play simplicity, transform your laptop's USB-C port into an HDMI port in an instant, hassle-free.



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FAQ About Adapters

What Are Adapters Used for?

Adapters are used to convert attributes of one device or system to those of another device or system that would otherwise be incompatible. In the context of mobile devices, adapters often enable you to connect peripherals or charge devices that have different port types or power requirements than your power source or main device.


For example, an HDMI to USB adapter facilitates seamless connection between devices with HDMI ports and older systems with legacy USB ports. Adapters bridge the gap between modern and legacy technologies, ensuring compatibility and smooth connectivity in various scenarios.

How Should I Choose an Adapter?

When choosing a USB adapter, consider the following factors based on your specific needs and devices:


  1. Device's Input/Output Requirements: Check the labels or manual of your device to verify the required power delivery capabilities and supported protocols for seamless connectivity.


  1. Connector Compatibility: Determine the connector types you need, such as a USB-C adapter for most modern smartphones and laptops. If you want to mirror your phone or laptop to large displays at work or for gaming, consider DisplayPort or HDMI to USB adapters for TVs. 


  1. Build Quality and Durability:Look for adapters made with robust materials and connectors that provide a secure fit.


  1. Brands and Safety Standards: Opt for reputable brands that adhere to safety standards and have a good reputation for product reliability, customer support, and overall quality. Anker, with its worry-free warranty and lifetime customer support, is an excellent choice.

Is it Possible to Convert HDMI to USB?

Yes, it is possible to convert HDMI to USB using an HDMI to USB adapter or certain docking stations or hubs that have the required HDMI and USB ports. These devices allow you to take the HDMI output from a video source, such as a laptop or gaming console, and convert it to a USB input that can be recognized by another device, such as a computer.


However, it is crucial to verify the compatibility and quality of the USB adapter's HDMI input before purchasing to ensure it meets your specific needs and maintains the integrity of the video signal.

Should I Use a Special Adapter for USB-C?

Whether or not you need a special USB-C adapter depends on the peripherals you want to connect to your device. USB-C ports have an oval shape, so if you need to establish a connection with devices lacking the necessary plugs, you will likely require USB-C adapters or cables with the appropriate connectors. For example, a USB-A to USB-C adapter or cable is often necessary when charging your smartphone.

Does USB-C to HDMI Provide Power?

Yes, some USB-C to HDMI adapters support USB Power Delivery, allowing you to charge your device while using the adapter, provided that you connect a compatible power source to the adapter's USB-C port. This is particularly beneficial for devices with a single USB-C port used for both power and video output, especially during emergencies. However, always ensure compatibility and check the specifications before attempting to charge laptops using HDMI.

Explore Anker's USB Adapters

Anker's USB adapters provide seamless connectivity and extension, enhancing your multimedia experience. With their remarkable performance and user-friendly design, you can effortlessly connect and extend your screens, enjoying stunning HD video quality without compromising clarity. Choose Anker for reliable and efficient connectivity solutions.