Balcony solar system complete sets offer compact, efficient renewable energy solutions for urban spaces. Harnessing the immense potential of the sun, they provide clean energy for various daily activities of your house, reducing your utility bills and fostering an eco-friendly lifestyle.

If you are in the market for a complete set of balcony mobile solar systems, Anker is your answer. To begin with, our balcony solar system complete sets boast a superior efficiency rate of 25%, 800W max output, and up to 1.6kWh battery storage in each set. The result is not only enough clean energy for a broad range of daily activities but also noticeable long-term savings. In fact, it is estimated that you can save over 9600 euros in a 30-year time span. Moreover, our solar system balcony complete sets with storage are super easy to install. In merely 2 hours, you can set up our complete set of balcony power plants and start to realize your dream of self-sufficiency. In addition, our balcony solar system complete sets offer added decorative value. Endowed with sleek designs, our solar panels can not only generate energy but also add an aesthetic touch to your home, rendering it more visually appealing. In essence, Anker’s solar system balcony complete sets mark the starting point of your journey toward self-sufficiency and sustainable living. Buy balcony power plant complete sets from Anker today and embrace sustainability effortlessly!


Does a balcony power plant with storage make sense?

Yes. A balcony power plant with storage makes perfect sense. Here are some of the benefits a balcony power plant with storage can offer:
Energy Independence: Residents can generate and store their own electricity, reducing reliance on the grid.
Backup Power: The storage of electricity ensures continuous power supply, even during grid outages.
Cost Savings: Reduced reliance on grid electricity leads to lower utility bills over time. For instance, with Anker Balkonkraftwerk mit Speicher, the user can save up to 9612 euros in 30 years.

Are storage units allowed for balcony power plants?

In Germany, the installation of storage units for balcony power plants like using Anker’s Balkonkraftwerk is generally allowed. However, specific regulations and requirements may vary depending on the region, building codes, and local authorities. It is crucial to adhere to these existing regulations and requirements when installing and operating these systems.

What will change for balcony power plants in 2024?

Germany is expected to see several changes for balcony power plants in 2024. Among these changes, the most notable one is the increase of the feed-in limit from 600 watts to 800 watts. According to this legislation, Anker is offering a range of balcony power plants with 800W microinverters like the Anker SOLIX Balkonkraftwerk mit Speicher to help you fully leverage the power of the sun.

When does the 600-watt limit fall for balcony power plants?

The 600-watt limit for balcony power plants in Germany already fell in January 2024. This implies that from January 2024 onward, you should be free to install balcony power plants like the Anker SOLIX Balkonkraftwerk and feed a maximum of 800 watts back into the grid if needed.

What happens if I don't register the balcony power plant?

If you don't register your balcony power plant, you may face legal consequences or fines, depending on local regulations. Registration ensures compliance with safety standards, environmental regulations, and building codes. It also helps authorities track energy usage and potential hazards, ensuring the safety of residents and the community.