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    Log in to your Anker account.

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    Share your referral links with friends.

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    Earn rewards when your friends make a purchase.

Your Sharing Options

  • Anker PowerHouse

    Introduction: For your outdoor camping enthusiast friends, this is a must-have recommendation. Ideal for RV travel, long-distance journeys, and short-distance camping, it ensures worry-free power supply while enjoying the outdoors.

    Your Rewards: For every successful referral, you can earn between 40€ to 369€. Your friends will shower you with appreciation for introducing them to this indispensable power solution.

  • Anker Charging Accessories

    Introduction: Anker dominates the global market as the go-to brand for charging accessories, offering an extensive selection that includes chargers, cables, batteries, hubs, and more.

    Your Rewards: Anker's charging accessories boast an extraordinary referral conversion rate. Every one of your friends will find these accessories essential for their daily lives, ensuring their devices are always powered up and ready for use.

Terms & Conditions

How does the referral mechanism work?

The Anker Referral Program rewards our registered members for inviting friends or family to shop at the official Anker store. Both the person making the referral and the friend referred receive rewards for successful referrals. Here's how to participate:
1. Referrers must log into the Anker Referral homepage to obtain an exclusive referral link.
2. Share the exclusive link with friends or family.
3. When a friend uses the referral link and submits their email address, they receive a code reward; if they complete their first order on Anker without requesting a refund within 30 days of shipment, the both you and the referred friend receive rewards.

What are the conditions for participating in the referral program?

1. The program is open to anyone registered on Anker.com. To participate, provide a valid email, agree to the terms and conditions, and you're set to refer friends and family.
2. Self-recommendation is prohibited to ensure fairness; this includes using the same email, IP address, or browser session. Non-compliant referrals will result in the referral being invalid.

How can I check if my recommendation was successful?

To confirm a referral is successful, ensure these conditions are met:
1. The referred individual must use your exclusive referral link to submit their email and complete their first purchase on Anker.com.
2. Anker evaluates orders to confirm no refunds were requested within 30 days post-shipment. Only orders meeting these criteria will be approved, triggering an email to you to claim your reward.
3. The referral link provided to you should not be shared inappropriately, sold, or used illegally.

What rewards are available through referrals?

1. Referred individuals qualify for a 10% cashback if they make their first Anker purchase via your referral link and do not request a refund within 30 days. This cashback applies only to the product's purchase price, excluding taxes, shipping, and additional fees.
2. Anker's promotional discounts cannot be combined with referral discounts.
3. Each referred friend must use a unique referral link. If a friend receives multiple links, the reward is assigned to the referrer associated with the used link.
4. In cases where a partial refund is issued, the reward calculation is based on the total paid amount for items not refunded. The commission is 10% of this amount, considering the last item shipped and kept beyond the 30-day return period.
5. Encouraging more friends to participate can significantly boost your rewards.

How can I check rewards and distribution timing?

1. Log into the Anker Referral Program, click "Your Rewards" to view the status of your referrals.
2. When your referral makes a purchase, you'll receive an email confirmation. The order status will be updated to "Ordered," indicating a successful referral but pending reward review.
3. Reward eligibility is reviewed within 30 days of the order. Once approved, the order status remains "Ordered," and you are notified via email to claim your reward.

How can I withdraw my rewards?

1. After logging into the the Anker Referral homepage, select "Your Rewards" to access your order list. Identify orders marked as "Ordered" with rewards at "Reached" status, then click "Redeem" to start the withdrawal process.
2. Upon your withdrawal request, the reward will be transferred to your PayPal account, typically within 5-14 working days.
3. For any inquiries or assistance, please reach out to support@anker.com.

Is cross-border sharing of referral links supported?

1. Referral links are valid only within the issuing country and cannot be used for cross-border referrals. For instance, a referral link obtained from the US site must be used for purchases on the US site only.
2. To refer someone in a different country, participate in the referral program via that country's Anker website to obtain a region-specific referral link for sharing.

Termination and Charges

1. Anker reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the referral program or individual participation for any reason at its discretion.
2. In cases of detected abuse, fraud, or violations of Terms of Service, Anker may suspend accounts and revoke referral rewards.
3. Anker rigorously reviews referral activities and may adjust or suspend accounts and referrals based on fair and appropriate judgment.