Anker provides an exceptional powering solution for RVers via its quality solar generator for RV, which combines cutting-edge technology and excellent functionality. Equipped with an intelligent temperature control system, it ensures optimal performance and a long lifespan. While, multiple universal ports allow for powering various devices simultaneously, making it an incredibly multifunctional and convenient choice for RV enthusiasts.



FAQ about Solar Generator for RV

Can you power an RV with a solar generator?

Yes, it is feasible to utilize solar generators to supply power to an RV. Solar generators employ solar panels to gather sunlight and store the energy in portable power stations. When properly configured, these solar RV generators can offer consistent power to an RV over extended durations, which appeals to eco-conscious travelers and those seeking off-grid options.

How big of a solar generator do I need for RV?

In general, it is suggested to have a solar powered RV generator with a capacity of at least 2000 watts so that you can have enough power to operate various appliances and small electrical devices within the RV like microwave ovens, lights, small fans, smartphones, and laptops. However, if you want to power up larger appliances like refrigerators or A/C, a larger RV solar generator of 4000 watt or more may be needed.

What size solar generator do I need for a 30 amp RV?

To determine the appropriate size of a solar generator for a 30 amp RV, you need to consider the power requirements of the RV and the desired level of solar power autonomy. Theoretically, a 30-amp RV can handle a  maximum power of 3,600 watts (W), which can be calculated using the formula 30A x 120V. Therefore, to power your RV using solar energy, you'll need an RV solar power generator with a capacity of at least 3,600 watts and a charge controller that can handle 30 amps.


However, remember to consider factors such as available sunlight, climate, and the desired level of energy autonomy when selecting a solar generator for your 30-amp RV.

How much solar does it take to run an RV refrigerator?

This depends on the power requirement of your refrigerator in the RV. Generally, RVs use 12V refrigerators that require about 200-400 watts of solar panels to run them smoothly. To meet this solar requirement, it may need two or four 100w 12V solar panels, or you can choose the Anker Solar Generator 757 which includes a 1229Wh powerhouse and three 100w solar panels, not only sufficient for your RV refrigerator but is also able to power other necessary devices and appliances within your RVs.

Is solar worth it on an RV?

Yes, using solar power especially a solar powered generator for RV is definitely worth it. RV solar generators like the Anker Solar Generator 767 offer a sustainable and cost-efficient source of energy while decreasing reliance on traditional energy sources and granting more flexibility when planning your travels.


Moreover, solar systems require low maintenance and are user-friendly. For passionate motorhome enthusiasts, opting for solar generator RV is a smart choice that will yield long-term benefits.

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